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Fundamentals of Coaching


The OHSAA, in collaboration with the NFHS, has created a timeline for all interscholastic coaches to complete the “Fundamentals of Coaching” course.  Coaches may choose to take the course in one of two methods:  ONLINE or BLENDED.

The content between the completely online course and the “blended” option of Fundamentals of Coaching is identical. The primary difference between the two formats is that when taking the “blended” version, the coach has the opportunity to interact with other participants which provides for a more meaningful course experience.  In the “blended” version, the first two chapters of the course are presented by the class facilitator in a clinic-like setting.  Then, the remainder of the course is completed by the participant totally online. 

Coaches Education Information Packet  |  Clarification of Coaching Education Finances

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"Fundamentals of Coaching"

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"Fundamentals of Coaching"

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