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Equipment Classifieds

To submit a classified for equipment, please e-mail Eli Burris (eburris@ohsaa.org). No faxes or standard mail will be accepted. Include a brief description of the item(s), contact information and price. Equipment available/needed will be posted for 60 days.

WANTED: Football Equipment

February 23, 2017
The JV Second Chance Program—a non-profit youth athletic association in Columbus, Ohio—is in need of football equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, practice gear, footballs, whistles, etc. We are currently asking for any help that may be available. Contact Missy Joseph at 614-670-1857 or email capcityfalcons@gmail.com.

WANTED: Used Folding Gym Seating

February 15, 2017
WANTED: Used folding gym seating in usable condition. Could use 6-7 rows that connect to the wall. Please contact John McGowan, Granville Christian Academy at jmcgowan@laca.org.

FOR SALE: "Grass-Like" Turf

February 10, 2017
Very nice "grass like" turf for sale. 120' x 86' that is currently in storage and was used for 2 years in an indoor sports facility. This turf was used for youth soccer, baseball and flag football. It is in very good shape and has a thick padding attached to it. Comes in 8 rolls - 15' x 86' per roll. We paid $4.10 per square foot and are asking for $2 per square foot. We are located in Eastlake, Ohio (where the turf is stored). Contact: Mark Percassi at markpercassi@gmail.com or 440-313-2790.

FOR SALE: Hurdles Equipment

February 9, 2017
Besor Ravine Ministries, Inc. in Findlay, OH, selling 88 UCS hurdles, 4 carts that hold 20 hurdles each, 2 flight carts that hold 8 hurdles each. We are asking $18,400. Contact: Jim – voice or text at (419) 348-6226, email jridge@besorravine.org.

FOR SALE: Several hundred pairs of new Riddell white game pants & girdles

February 7, 2017
I have several hundred pairs of new Riddell White game pants for sale, also have new girdles and the pads to go with both. Text or call Mike at 614-747-0072 if interested, looking to clear out garage.

WANTED: RB Blaster Chute, 1 Man Tackling Sled, 2-Man Blocking Sled

February 3, 2017
Dundee High School (MI) is looking for slightly used running back "Blaster Chute" and 1-man tackling sled. Also looking for 2-man blocking sled. Willing to pick up. Please contact Kyle McElvany at kyle.mcelvany@dundee.k12.mi.us or 734-652-6822.

WANTED: Gently Used 3-Man Football Blocking Sled

January 30, 2017
Shaker Heights Middle School is looking for a gently used 3-man football blocking sled. Contact Tim Richards at richards_t@shaker.org.

FOR SALE: St. Charles Prep Selling 64 Officially Reconditioned Helmets

January 18, 2017
Xenith brand helmets: 5 small white with white facemasks; 7 medium black with red facemasks; 22 medium white with white facemasks; 21 large black with red facemasks; 1 large black with white facemask; 5 large white with white facemask. Included are many misc. new replacement parts for Xenith Helmets.
Riddell brand helmets: 3 large black with red facemasks
All of these helmets can be painted and have some years of good certified use left in them. The entire lot can be bought for $3,750.00. Not interested in selling individually! Email Bob Jacoby at St. Charles Preparatory school: bjacoby@cdeducation.org.

WANTED: Used Single-Man Sled

December 28, 2016
Lorain High School is looking to buy a used single-man sled. Call Dave McFarland at 440-822-7413.

WANTED: Used High Jump Pits/Pole Vault pits

December 21, 2016
Geneva High School is looking for Used High Jump Pits/Pole Vault pits. Will come pick up. No Standards needed, just the pits. Email robert.mcquoid@genevaschools.org if you have anything.