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Equipment Classifieds

To submit a classified for equipment, please e-mail Eli Burris (eburris@ohsaa.org). No faxes or standard mail will be accepted. Include a brief description of the item(s), contact information and price. Equipment available/needed will be posted for 60 days.

FOR SALE: Leg Press, Sitting Bench Press & Dip/Pull-Up Machine

December 7, 2017
Price negotiable on all three items. If interested, please contact United High School (Hanoverton) at David.Ogilvie@united.k12.oh.us.

WANTED: One-Man Blocking Sled

December 5, 2017
Contact Nick Brown at brownn645@gmail.com if you have one you want to sell.

FOR SALE: Grass-like Turf

December 4, 2017
We have 5 rolls of 15' wide x 86' long
Great for speed/agility or batting cages
1 3/4" pile height
8m foam pad 
56oz. nylon
*Turf is in great shape!
Asking for $1.75 per square foot
If interested, email markpercassi@gmail.com 

FOR SALE: 28" Landing Mat

November 9, 2017
28" Landing Mat
Rarely used, stored inside, little over a year old. Asking $1,000. If interested, please contact Coach Lee at (740) 644-9224.
  • $1,325.00
  • ITEM No. 410786
  • WEIGHT: 333 LBS

FOR SALE: Ground Battle Chutes

November 9, 2017
Asking $2,000........Paid 2,795.00. Little over a year old, purchased in July 2016. If interested, contact Coach Lee at (740) 644-9224.

Battle Chute Variations
Optional Addons
Four Chute Leg Pads + $295.00
Castor Wheel Kit for Ground Battle Chute (Set Includes 4 castors and 4 wheels) + $526.00


Category: CHUTE + STALLS

Description & Additional Information
  • Of course your OLs and DLs can work all their techniques, drive blocks, angle blocks, double teams, pull blocks, hook blocks, long and short trap blocks, and cross blocks. But that's just the beginning.
  • The 36' x 6', 27' x 12', and 27' x 6' are large enough to run just about any drills for any position. Think DLs, DBs, RBs, WRs, and even QBs. The 27' x 12' is wide enough to allow 2 opposing rows of players to work drills simultaneously in different directions.
  • Every Crowther chute comes with 8 standard wheels. And, each wheel is foam filled (not pneumatic); thus, it will never go flat. For teams that have to maneuver their chute through narrow openings we also offer optional caster wheels.
  • In general, the Ground Battle Chutes are designed to keep players low and maintain a good football position while moving. If your goal is to train as many athletes as possible, in as many varied drills as possible, and in the shortest possible time - then you have found the perfect chutes! The angled legs of the chutes allow more room. Each leg doesn't go straight down. This, in effect, increases your workable space under the chutes. Players can exit the chutes from every angle, including through the legs.
  • You can adjust the height or angle of the chutes. The height is adjustable from approx. 63"- 60"- 57"- 54"- 51"- 48"- 45". You can adjust the angle of the frame to various degrees.
  • Each Ground Battle Chute has a combination of metal square tubing and mesh netting for its frame. The obvious benefits are weight savings, improved safety when a player rises up, and fewer scratched helmets. This saves the player and the helmet. The not so obvious reasons are durability and adjustability. The netting has webbing sewn into it horizontally and vertically. It is very strong. When your season is complete, you unsnap the netting and bring it indoors. Simple.
  • The problem with traditional chutes is the longer you make them, the heavier they become, and the more apt they are to bend or bow. The Ground Battle Chutes solve this problem in two ways. First, we suspend the frame from a crane platform that is strong. Then, we use a combination of metal tubing and tough outdoor mildew-resistant mesh netting for the frame.
*Note: All chutes come standard with 8 foam-filled (no flats) fixed wheels.

FOR SALE: Rogers Tred Sled

October 23, 2017
Selling a Rogers Tred Sled. Sells for $6,7000 according to website (price includes a sprint harness and Shock Pad). If interested, please make an offer and contact Lakewood Head Football Coach Jason Lee at jlee@laca.org or 740-644-9224.
Product Description • Tred Sled
The Tred Sled combines a one-man sled and tethered-sled pulling with interactive treadmill technology. Training in groups of up to six, the Tred Sled transforms workouts in competitions, challenging athletes to outperform themselves and their teammates.
How it works:
  • Athletes drive non-motorized tread while breaking system resists movement.
  • Electronic package measures response time, impact force, and distance.
  • Control number of players, duration of work, rest time and repetitions.
  • Computer reports individual performances and ranks for competition.
Benefits on Game Day:
  • Player develops ability to apply large amounts of force in blocking and/or tackling positions.
  • Player improves ability to recover quickly between plays.
  • Player increases acceleration.