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The forms below have been updated for the 2016-17 school year:


OHSAA Student-Athlete Eligibility

Note to Parents: Please direct all questions regarding eligibility and OHSAA regulations to a school administrator, who will then contact the OHSAA office for clarification, if needed. The OHSAA’s priority is to respond to the hundreds of calls and emails that come in each week from member schools.

Transfer Bylaw Resource Center - Updated for 2016-17 School Year
The OHSAA receives more inquiries about eligibility in terms of the transfer bylaw than any other aspect of eligibility. To deal with that scenario, our member schools have adopted ten exceptions, one of which MAY apply to a student who changes high schools. The use of the word MAY is instructive as there are several exceptions that are complex and do require some action on the part of the member school administrator as well as the OHSAA staff. A page has been created to provide guidance on each of the exceptions. Click here for the Transfer Bylaw Resource Center.

Guidance Regarding Changes in State Law for Home Educated, Non-Public School Students, and Students Who Attend STEM or Community Schools

Additional Resource Centers - Updated for 2016-17 School Year

     Residence Bylaw Resource Center

     Scholarship Bylaw Resource Center

     Enrollment and Attendance Bylaw Resource Center

     International Student Bylaw Resource Center

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