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OHSAA Magazine

The purpose of the OHSAA Magazine is to provide another avenue to communicate the role the OHSAA plays in interscholastic athletics and why education-based sports are so important. It is a message that needs to be communicated not only to our member school administrators and coaches, but also to student-athletes, parents, fans, officials, legislators, media and anyone interested in extracurricular programs.

OHSAA Magazine is produced three times a year by the OHSAA. It is mailed to superintendents, principals and athletics directors of all member schools. Annual subscriptions may be purchased for $20 and single copies are available for $7 by contacting Andrea Heiberger, or 614-267-2502.

Current Issue - Fall 2015


Fall 2015 Issue Articles (.pdf format)

Table of Contents (PG. 1)


About the OHSAA and NFHS (PG. 2)

From the Commissioner: Defining Educational Athletics (PG. 3)

OHSAA Calendars and Allied Organization (PG. 4)

Varsity Letters; Football Changed My Life (PG. 5)

Boys Cross Country Spread Photo (PG. 6-7)

Football Photos (PG. 8-9)


News and Notes (PG. 10-13)


Feature: Heart of a Hero (PG. 14-16)

OHSAA On The Web (PG. 17)

Upcoming Tournament Draw Dates, OHSAA Districts and AD Spotlight (PG. 18)

Eligibility Update (PG. 19)

Athletic Director Update: Tournaments are About Representation, Not Best-of-the-Best (PG. 20)

Officiating Update: 2014-15 School Ejection Totals (PG. 21)


2015 OHSAA Foundation Student Leadership Conference (PG. 22)


Financial Update (PG. 23)

Update from Dr. Chris Stankovich (PG. 24)


Update from PRIVIT (PG. 25-27)

2015 OHSAA Fall State Tournament Previews (PG. 28)


OHSAA Magazine History

For more than 60 years, the OHSAA produced a monthly publication called The Athlete, which contained bylaw notes, meeting rules, rule changes, tournament brackets, championship recaps, tournament regulations and school tournament assignments. Many issues were more than 100 pages. The Athlete first appeared in September 1941 and was last printed in April of 2005. The vast amount of information posted at eventually led to the discontinuation of The Athlete.

Throughout the years, readers saw everything covered from rationing and dealing with limited supplies during World War II, gender equality and opportunities, the introduction of record books and even the beloved Disney character Goofy, which was proclaimed on the cover of the September 1984 issue as the national mascot of high school sports.