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To: OHSAA Member Schools

Subject: Requirements for Pole Vault Weight Rating Labels

Date: January 2009


The NFHS rule requiring the visible manufacturer�s pole rating, size and location of rating mark was adopted in 1995. The history is LINKED HERE (in PDF format) for your information.


From 1995 through 2000, the NFHS Track and Field rules required the manufacturer�s pole weight rating to be placed on the pole.  For poles purchased prior to 1995, the school coach could mark the pole based on the manufacturer�s pole�s etchings.  However, for the 2001 season and beyond, only those poles with the manufacturer�s placed weight rating label were to be considered legal for warm-up and competition, providing all other requirements for the pole were met.  Coach marked poles were not to be used in warm-ups or competition.


If schools have older poles and no manufacturer�s weight rating label on the poles, the school coach should contact the manufacturer directly to work to secure the manufacturer�s weight rating label.  If you have poles without the manufacturer�s weight rating label and the company is out of business, these poles would not be legal for warm-ups or competition due to the lack of the required manufacturer�s weight rating label.  It should be noted this rule and application have been part of Rule 7-4 since spring of 2001.


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