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State Track & Field Tournament

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Frequently Asked Questions for Coaches
OHSAA State Track and Field Tournaments
The Ohio State University Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium


What is the date for this year�s tournament?
The tournament is scheduled for Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on the campus of The Ohio State University.  Click here to see a complete listing of the three tournaments and their events. 


What is the order of divisions and schedule?
Division III competes in the morning, Division II in the early afternoon and Division I in the late afternoon. Please see the schedule for a complete listing of times and dates for all track and field events.


Where do I pick up my credentials and coach�s packet?
Coaches packets are available in the admissions trailer, which is located near the south east entrance (this is marked as area 6 on the map (click here to access the map) beginning at 7:30 a.m. each day. Gates open at 8 a.m. The trailer will have two windows that face west, one for boys coaches and one for the girls coaches. Report to the window to receive your packet, which includes admission passes, programs, other credentials, information bulletin (click here to access the bulletin), and coaches authorization form. The two windows that face east are for sale of general admission tickets.


Where do I return my coaches verification form?
Please return the form to the personnel who are handing out the packets in the admissions trailer. There will be a form in your packet. If you would like to complete this in advance, click here and bring the form with you to the competition.


How many tickets will I receive?
OHSAA Board-adopted policy permits complimentary admission based on the following formula:
Number of Competitors
1-4 -   One more than number of competitors
5-8  -  Two more than number of competitors
9 or more     Three more than number of competitors
alternate members of relay teams will be reimbursed if they compete.


Where is our team area located?
Upon arriving and checking in on the southeast side, proceed to the team area, which is inside the softball stadium. There will be tents set up in this area for you to make your camps. You are not permitted to set up tents inside Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium or on the practice field just east of the shot put and discus venues. On Friday only, the outdoor practice field will also be available for warm-up.


What is the admission price for other members of my team who are not competing?
$10 per day for anyone age three or older. Tickets are on sale at the stadium beginning at 7:30 a.m. each day, and you may purchase a ticket at the trailer where you pick up your packet by going to the east side windows. It is possible to purchase both a Friday and a Saturday ticket on Friday.


Where do I park for this event and is there a charge?
School vehicles will be permitted to enter the parking lot just south of the stadium to drop off state qualifiers and coaches. On Friday, only vehicles marked as �school transportation� will be permitted to park by the OSU baseball stadium (south end of the drop-off lot). On Saturday, only vehicles marked as �school transportation� will be permitted to park in the ABB lot on the north side of Ackerman Road (north of the stadium).

Please see the diagram of the stadium and adjacent area by clicking here. There is a limited amount of parking for school vans in the lot directly south of the stadium. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Where do I pick up information about the Mid Ohio Meet of Champions and information that is sponsored by the OATCCC such as the Academic All-Ohio information? 
There will be a booth set up near the flag poles at the south end of the stadium. MF Athletics and the OATCCC will have information available at this site.


Will there be sales of souvenir items?
Yes. Sales of t-shirts and other items will take place near the northwest corner outside the stadium and near the southeast entrance to the stadium


Where do we find medical services?
There will be at least one physician stationed near the finish line. Licensed athletic trainers, on the OSU medical staff, will be stationed near the finish line, in the awards area, at the pole vault venue and throughout the arena. They will be identified with an OSU polo shirt and are there to assist you. Water will be available at all venues, in the clerks� area and near the finish line. If an athlete needs medical assistance, please notify one of the tournament medical personnel inside the venue.


How do we get to the shot and discus venues?
In order to facilitate moving from the stadium to the field event venues adjacent to the stadium, you and your athletes will be stamped upon leaving. The stamp will permit access to the field event venues and reentry to the stadium.


Where do the athletes report for the events and where will implements be weighed and gauged?
Please click on this link to see the Information Bulletin that each coach will receive upon arrival at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. The reporting area for all track events is in area 7 at the northeast corner of the track. Field event competitors should report to the individual event venue.

Competitors in the shot and discus should bring their implements to the venues which are located to the west outside the stadium. Implements will be weighed and gauged at the tent located adjacent to both venues.


Will the facility be open for pre-tournament practice?
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium will be open for a "walk-through" from 4 - 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 2. This time serves as a walk-through, no practice may be conducted. No students shall be admitted unless accompanied by a school coach. The field event venues shall not be open for practice, and no apparatus of any kind (shot, discus, batons, starting blocks, poles, etc.) may be used during this time period. The facility will open at 7:30 a.m. Friday


Where is the lost and found?
This area is located in the meet manager's building which is located in the northeast corner of the track.


Will the announcer alert us regarding when to report and what event is running? 
No. The time schedule as published will be observed. Please have athletes report to the clerk/head event judges as discussed in the bulletin. The events will commence as scheduled.