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Frequently Asked Questions

State Track & Field Tournament

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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Spectators
OHSAA State Track and Field Tournaments
The Ohio State University Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium


What is the date for this year’s tournament?
The tournament is scheduled for Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, 2013 at the beautiful Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on the campus of The Ohio State University.  Click here to see a complete listing of the three tournaments and their events. 


What is the order of divisions and schedule of events for 2013?
Division III competes in the morning, Division II in the early afternoon and Division I in the late afternoon. Please see the schedule for a complete listing of times and dates for all track and field events.


What is the admission price?
The cost of an all-day ticket for any person age three and older is $10 per day. All children age two and under will be admitted free of charge. Tickets are on sale at the stadium beginning at 7:30 AM each day. It is possible to purchase both a Friday and a Saturday ticket on Friday.


Where can I buy a ticket in advance of the competition?
There is no pre-sale of tickets. Upon arrival at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, spectators will find selling points on the north and south west side of the stadium, at the south east corner in the booth located just south of the admission gate and at the shot put and discus venue to the west of the stadium. 


May I bring food and water into the stadium?
No. OSU and OHSAA policy prohibits spectators from bringing in coolers and other large items. There are concessions and water fountains available in the stadium.


Where do I park for this event and is there a charge?
Please use the Ackerman Road exit off SR 315 and avoid Lane Avenue. Persons attending the track and field tournament may use the lots northwest of the stadium. (Just north of the shot put and discus area) Additional parking may be found in the lots east of the Bill Davis Baseball Stadium north of Borror Drive (Friday only). 

There is no charge for parking. 

Note: There are four high school commencements scheduled for Saturday in the Jerome Schottenstein Center. Paid parking for those events will use the lots south of Borror Drive and east of Bill Davis Stadium.


How will you accommodate persons with special needs?
There is seating inside the stadium that is reserved for persons in wheelchairs or for those with other disabilities. If you need to make use of this space, simply identify yourself to one of the Guest Services personnel inside or at the entrance to the stadium. They will ensure that you receive the accommodation that you need to enjoy the tournaments.

There is parking for disabled individuals located near the stadium on the south side.  Please be prepared to show an authorization that indicates you need to park in this section.


Will there be sales of souvenir items?
Yes. Sales of t-shirts and other items will take place near the northwest corner outside the stadium and near the southeast entrance to the stadium


Is there emergency service or first aid available?
Yes. The first aid area is located in the officials’ locker room, which is on the north end of the stadium. If you need assistance proceed to this area or notify a Guest Services person who can summon help for you


Are pass-outs permitted?
Yes. In order to facilitate spectators moving from the stadium to the shot put and discus venues adjacent to the stadium, spectators wishing to return to the stadium will be stamped upon leaving. The stamp will permit access to the field event venues and reentry to the stadium.


Are strollers permitted in the stadium?


Where will the awards ceremony take place and can we take pictures?
Awards in all events shall be presented as soon after the conclusion of the event as possible on both days. The awards stand is located at the center of the stadium.  Video of the awards will be transmitted to the scoreboard to offer a good view of the ceremony, and professional photographs will be made available for sale after the competition. In addition, family members wishing to take pictures may do so from the rail in the stadium and seating area. After getting your photo, please move back into the seating area.


Will there be video sales of the competition?
Yes, but only of the running events. See the order form inside the souvenir program or email Tim Stried, [email protected] for details.


Where can we obtain programs and heat sheets?
Souvenir programs for $5 will be sold at each entrance to the stadium as well as throughout the stadium on both days. Final heat sheets listing the finalists in those running events that contest semifinals will be available for $1 on Saturday.


What type of seating is available?
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium offers approximately 8,000 permanent seats on the west side straightaway which offers an outstanding view of all events. There are an additional 3,000 bleacher seats on the east side that are closer to the long jump venue but have a good view of the back straightaway of the track. The high jump venue is located to the north and the pole vault to the south. 

There is bleacher seating available at the shot put and discus venues, which are located west of the stadium across the street. A ticket or a stamp is necessary to enter this spectator area.


How do I get from one side of the stadium to the other?
Spectators may walk around the south end of the track outside of the green fence.


Where is the lost and found?
The lost and found is located in the meet manager’s  building in the northeast corner of the track.


Where are the restrooms and concessions located?
Restrooms are located under the west bleachers in the southeast corner of the stadium, outside of the stadium by the softball field, and at the throw area.  Concessions will be located under the west bleachers, by the flag poles, next to the east bleachers and in the northwest corner of the stadium.


My child is competing in shot put or discus only.  Where do athletes report to have their implements inspected and certified?
Competitors in the shot and discus should bring their implements to the venues, which are located to the west outside the stadium. Implements will be weighed and gauged at the tent located adjacent to both venues.


Where can we eat and find lodging that is close to the stadium?
Visit the FanGuide web site for information regarding lodging and restaurants. Click here for FanGuide Home.


Will there be a scoreboard to help us track the races?
Yes. The OHSAA has rented video board that will show each race, a few field events, display the competitors, and the results of each race/event as it is completed.  The board is located at the north end of the stadium. Results of each race and field events will also be posted under the west side of the stadium on the center pillars and on the southeast corner on the Block "O" boards which are hung on the fence.