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2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Championships Recaps

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2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Championships
Ervin J. Nutter Center, Wright State University, Dayton
Saturday, Nov. 14

Division I Recap

Cincinnati Ursuline Academy defeats Dublin Coffman, 3-1

DAYTON, Ohio – In 2008, Cincinnati Ursuline Academy saw a potential undefeated season end with a loss to Olmsted Falls in the Division I championship match, but the Lions were on the winning side in a similar situation this season as the they defeated Dublin Coffman in the title match Saturday at Wright State’s Ervin J. Nutter Center 25-16, 25-19, 18-25, 25-17.

Ursuline (29-0) finished with a 55-41 kill advantage and 6-2 in service aces to overcome a Coffman 12-8 edge in blocks.

Making its 10th all-time appearance in the state final four, Ursuline won its fourth state title (1975, 1993, 2002). The Lions were led by senior Jade Henderson’s 18 kills, while senior Lauren Marlatt had 16 kills and junior Christina Beer had 10. Senior Dani Reinert tallied 48 assists, junior Kori Moster 15 digs and senior Anna Prickel 13 digs.

Coffman (29-1), which was making its first-ever appearance in the state final four, was led by senior Andrea Baylin’s 18 kills, while senior Alex Blair had 10. Junior Lindsey Zitzke added 36 assists and 10 digs while junior Julia Mindlina had 12 digs and junior Isolde Hannan recorded eight blocks.

2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Tournament
Cincinnati Ursuline vs. Dublin Coffman (11/14/09 at Wright State Nutter Center)
Division I State Championship

Cincinnati Ursuline def. Dublin Coffman 25-16,25-19,18-25,25-17

Cincinnati Ursuline (29-0) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Jade Henderson 18-2-2; Lauren Marlatt 16-0-1; Christina Beer 10-0-5; Olivia Johnson 4-0-2; Dani Reinert 3-1-3; Elena Lohr 2-0-0; Noelle Langenkamp 1-0-3; Annie Juenger 1-0-0; Abby Engdahl 0-2-0; Anna Prickel 0-1-0; Totals 55-6-8.0. (Assists) - Dani Reinert 48. (Dig leaders) - Kori Moster 15; Anna Prickel 13; Dani Reinert 8

Dublin Coffman (29-1) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Andrea Baylin 18-0-2; Alex Blair 10-1-3; Bailey Farthing 6-0-1; Isolde Hannan 4-0-8; Meredith Stranges 2-0-4; Lindsey Zitzke 1-0-2; Stacy Axner 0-1-0; Totals 41-2-12.0. (Assists) - Lindsey Zitzke 36. (Dig leaders) – Julia Mindlina 12; Lindsey Zitzke 10; Alex Blair 9; Meredith Stranges 9; Andrea Baylin 9

Site: Wright State (Nutter Center)
Date: 11/14/09 Attend: Time: 1:28
Referees: Mary Black, Harry Hall
Division I State Championship

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Division IV Recap

Marion Local defeats Norwalk St. Paul, 3-1

DAYTON, Ohio –
Maria Stein Marion Local made it a three-peat Saturday in defeating Norwalk St. Paul 25-17, 20-25, 25-10, 25-13 in a battle of Flyers in the Division IV state volleyball championship at Wright State’s Nutter Center.

After St. Paul evened the match by winning the second set, it was all Marion Local from there as they held a 24-9 kill advantage the final two sets. For the match, Marion Local led in kills (51-35) and blocks (15-4).

In winning its third state title, Marion Local became the seventh program in Ohio to win three or more state titles in a row, joining Cincinnati St. Ursula (1993-94-95-96-97-98), Bascom Hopewell-Loudon (1997-98-99-00-01), Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame (1998-99-00), Akron Hoban (1990-91-92), Cincinnati Seton (1984-85-86) and Newark Catholic (1984-85-86).

Marion Local joins Cincinnati Ursuline, the Division I state champions, as the only undefeated teams in Ohio this season. Overall, Marion Local has compiled a record of 82-4 over the past three seasons.

The win for Marion Local gives the Midwest Athletic Conference 12 state crowns in the 35 years of the state tournament (Fort Recovery 1990; Marion Local 2007, 2008, 2009; Rockford Parkway 1996, 1997; St. Henry 1985, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1995, 2004). Since Ohio went to four divisions in volleyball in 1990, the Division IV state champion has come from the Northwest District every year except for 2003 and 2005.

Junior Alyssa Winner led Marion Local (28-0) with a double-double of 16 kills and 20 digs, while sophomore Margaret Wuebker had 11 kills and nine block assists, junior Stacey Huber 24 assists and 12 digs, senior Shelby Moeller 19 assists and 12 digs and junior Casey Heitkamp 12 block assists.

Senior Hannah Livengood paced St. Paul (25-4) with a double-double of 12 kills and 21 digs while senior Amber Welfle had 11 kills, senior Kaylee Bundschuh 30 assists and sophomore Corynne Smith 24 digs. It was St. Paul’s third state runner-up finish (2004, 2007) and its fifth appearance in the state finals since 2002.

2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Tournament
Maria Stein Marion Local vs. Norwalk St. Paul (11/14/09 at Wright State Nutter Center)
Division IV State Championship

Marion Local def. Norwalk St. Paul 25-17,20-25,25-10,25-13

Marion Local (28-0) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Alyssa Winner 16-2-3; Margaret Wuebker 11-0-9; Ashley Lochtefeld 8-0-6; Leah Rosenbeck 7-0-0; Kaylee Schaefer 5-2-0; Casey Heitkamp 2-0-12; Kelly Schlarman 1-0-0; Stacey Huber 1-2-0; Shelby Moeller 0-1-0; Alyse Bergman 0-1-0; Totals 51-8-15.0. (Assists) - Stacey Huber 24; Shelby Moeller 19. (Dig leaders) - Alyse Bergman 26; Alyssa Winner 20; Stacey Huber 12; Shelby Moeller 12; Megan Schaefer 10; Kaylee Schaefer 10

Norwalk St. Paul (25-4) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Hannah Livengood 12-1-1; Amber Welfle 11-1-2; Olivia Livengood 5-0-2; Emily Nickoli 5-2-1; Kaylee Bundschuh 1-1-1; Corynne Smith 1-1-0; Hillary Fritz 0-0-1; Totals 35-6-4.0. (Assists) - Kaylee Bundschuh 30. (Dig leaders) - Corynne Smith 24; Hannah Livengood 21; Emily Nickoli 12; Hillary Fritz 10; Kaylee Bundschuh 9

Site: Wright State (Nutter Center)
Date: 11/14/09 Attend: Time: 1:28
Referees: Randall Cummings, Lisa Horner
Division IV State Championship

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Division III Recap

Huron defeats Frankfort Adena, 3-0

DAYTON, Ohio – Huron claimed its third Division III volleyball championship Saturday as the Tigers swept by the Frankfort Adena Warriors 25-17, 25-21, 25-21 at Wright State’s Nutter Center.

Huron, which previously won state crowns in 1999 and 2002, was making its fourth appearance in the state finals while Adena was also appearing in its fourth title match. The Warriors won the Class A titles in 1975 and 1976 and was runner-up in Division III in 1993.

Senior Jesse Miedema led Huron (26-3) with 12 kills, while junior Taylor Slauterbeck posted a double-double of 11 kills and 12 digs. Junior Taryn Graham added 28 digs.

Junior Kelsey Bielanow paced Adena (26-3) with 21 kills, while junior Hannah Halcomb had 34 assists and 11 digs.

Adena had two more kills than Huron for the match (37-35), but committed 28 attack errors compared to just 17 for the Tigers.

2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Tournament
Huron vs. Frankfort Adena (11/14/09 at Wright State)
Division III State Championship

Huron def. Frankfort Adena 25-17,25-21,25-21

Huron (26-3) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Jesse Miedema 12-1-4; Taylor Slauterbeck 11-1-0; Devon Koenig 7-0-1; Katlyn Sommer 2-3-4; Erin O'Reilly 2-0-1; Taryn Graham 1-0-0; Devon Grendow 0-0-1; Adriana Deluca 0-1-0; Melissa Moberg 0-2-0; Totals 35-8-6.0. (Assists) - Melissa Moberg 17; Devon Grendow 15. (Dig leaders) - Taryn Graham 28; Taylor Slauterbeck 12; Melissa Moberg 9

Frankfort Adena (26-3) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Kelsey Bielanow 21-0-1; Kirsti Yates 5-0-0; Allison Morgan 5-1-1; Olivia Arledge 3-0-1; Jenny Grigsby 3-0-0; Cadie Cory 0-1-0; Hannah Halcomb 0-0-1; Totals 37-2-2.0. (Assists) - Hannah Halcomb 34. (Dig leaders) - Cara Coy 13; Jenny Grigsby 11; Hannah Halcomb 11

Site: Wright State (Nutter Center)
Date: 11/14/09 Attend: Time: 1:11
Referees: Joyce Garn, Sue Sheck
Division III State Championship

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Division II Recap

Parma Padua Franciscan defeats Mentor Lake Catholic, 3-2

DAYTON, Ohio – Parma Padua Franciscan defended its OHSAA Division II volleyball title Saturday, but not without a struggle as the Bruins had to rally from a 2-0 deficit to win over North Coast League rival Mentor Lake Catholic in five sets at Wright State’s Nutter Center, defeating the Cougars 16-25, 21-25, 25-22, 25-9, 15-9.

The two teams had met twice during the regular season, with Padua winning in three and four sets, respectively, but Mentor Lake Catholic had other ideas for this third encounter. In the early going, Lake Catholic took advantage of 22 Padua attack errors in the first two sets.

The match featured 38 ties and 22 lead changes, including five ties and three lead changes in the decisive fifth set. Padua broke an 8-8 deadlock and took control with five straight points, the final two coming on kills from senior Christie Fritsche.

After committing 22 attack errors in the first two sets, Padua had just 10 the rest of the way in recording 41 kills.

Fritsche led Padua (27-2) with 27 kills, while senior Kaitlyn Leary had a double-double of 22 kills and 13 digs. Senior Meredith Bolmeyer had 33 assists and 15 digs and freshman Mary Djukic added 23 assists and 15 digs.

Junior Bridget Grdina paced Mentor Lake Catholic (22-7) with a double-double of 15 kills and 11 digs while senior Chelsey Regovich had 12 kills, junior Audryana Lucha 45 assists and junior Kelly Stenger 23 digs. It was the Cougars’ first appearance in the title match after falling in the state semifinals in 2001 and 2002.

2009 OHSAA State Volleyball Tournament
Mentor Lake Catholic vs. Parma Padua Franciscan (11/14/09 at Wright State Nutter Center)
Division II State Championship

Parma Padua Franciscan def. Mentor Lake Catholic 16-25,21-25,25-22,25-19,15-9

Mentor Lake Catholic (22-7) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Bridget Grdina 15-2-3; Chelsey Regovich 12-0-2; Gina Catania 8-0-0; Nicole Snyder 5-0-3; Kristin Primozic 3-0-4; Bridget Wilhelm 2-0-0; Audryana Lucha 1-3-0; Melanie Patterson 1-0-0; Samantha Kline 0-2-0; Hillary Sullivan 0-1-0; Totals 47-8-6.0. (Assists) - Audryana Lucha 45. (Dig leaders) - Kelly Stenger 23; Gina Catania 16; Samantha Kline 15; Bridget Grdina 11

Parma Padua (27-2) (Kills-aces-blocks) - Christie Fritsche 27-0-0; Kaitlyn Leary 22-1-2; Tabitha Meeks 7-0-0; Carly Molls 5-1-2; Nicole Trapp 4-0-4; Margot Dileno 2-0-1; Becky Jay 0-0-4; Salina DeFranco 0-2-0; Mary Djukic 0-1-0; Totals 67-5-7.0. (Assists) - Meredith Bolmeyer 33; Mary Djukic 23. (Dig leaders) - Meredith Bolmeyer 15; Mary Djukic 15; Lauren Goebel 13; Kaitlyn Leary 13; Salina DeFranco 9; Becky Jay 8

Site: Wright State (Nutter Center)
Date: 11/14/09 Attend: Time: 1:52
Referees: Jerri Banks, Rick Delaney
Division II State Championship

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