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  • Pole Vault Certification -
    Web based education and testing for the certification of vaulters and coaches.

The Board of Control has adopted mandatory training for coaches in schools that sponsor the Pole Vault event.  Compliance with this requirement is the responsibility of the member school.

Schools sponsoring PV must have at least one coach who has received the training.    If a school uses one coach for all athletes at the school (boys and girls) and both levels – HS and 7-8, then only that coach must receive the training; however, that coach must be present during all training and competition. 

Attend one of the clinics sponsored by the OATCCC

2. Take an on-line training course - PV safety certification - “Coaches Diploma Program”

3. Provide evidence of certification from another national certifying body.
Note:  The member school is responsible for verifying compliance.  This is NOT a contest official’s responsibility


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