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Tournament Frequently Asked Questions
Sectional Tournaments

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Sectional/District Tournaments


  1.  What is an Event File?
    An event file is created by Meet Manager software and lists the event numbers and description for a meet.  This file is exported from Meet Manager in a .hyv file and then is imported into Team Manager software to set up a meet.  This file cannot be read or processed by common applications like WORD. For further information, print out the Team Manager Instructions listed on the OHSAA website.
  2. What Software Should I Use For Sectional Entries and Where Do I Get it From?
    Sectional entries should be created from Hy-Tek Team Manager software.  Call Hy-tek (1-866-456-5111) now to order Team Manager software if you don’t have it.  Price is around $74. Team Manager is a database program that organizes your swimmers, their results and has entry capability.

  3. Who Do I Send My Electronic Sectional Entry To?
    Instructions should have been sent out from the Sectional Tournament Manager regarding the procedure and the person to email your electronic file to and the address to send the hard copy to.

  4. Where Do We Look to See Sectional Results and District Qualifiers? 
    Results will be published on the OHSAA website after all sectionals have completed competition.  District qualifies will be posted on the OHSAA website late Sunday afternoon after Sectional competition is completed.



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