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Tournament Frequently Asked Questions
C.T. Branin Natatorium, Canton

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C.T. Branin Natatorium, Canton 

  1. When will state qualifiers (including at-large) be announced?
    A list of state qualifiers will be posted to the OHSAA web site (www.ohsaa.org) on February 21 pending completion of all district competition. This list will include dive order for divers and heat and lane assignments for swimmers.  NOTE: Qualifiers will not be listed until all District competition is completed throughout the state. 
  2. How do I obtain tickets for the state tournament?
    Diving tickets can be purchased for $10.00 at the main entrance.  Swimming tickets are sold to participating schools only as an all-session ticket.  Participating school’s coaches are to complete their ticket order online, beginning 6 p.m. on Feb. 21, and be prepared to pay with credit card by Midnight, February 23.  Tickets will be held in will call for pick up.  THERE ARE NO WALK-UP SALES FOR TICKETS.  The number of qualifiers determines the number of tickets per school.  Click here for more information.  Note: purchased tickets are non-refundable for unused sessions.  NOTE: If any tickets are available, they will go on sale at the coaches meeting and at the Natatorium office on Thursday night.
  3. What items are prohibited from being brought into the Natatorium?
    Coolers, large bags, hand held banners, signs, noisemakers, balloons, and umbrellas.  Seating is extremely limited.  Therefore, items obstructing the view of others or items taking more space than the seat are prohibited.  Note: large bags are subject to search, and a coat check is available.
  4. Do parents have access to the swim deck at any time before or during the tournament?
    Only swimmers and coaches with credentials are allowed on the pool deck at all times.  No swimmers or coaches are allowed in the spectator area during competition.
  5. Can I take pictures from the swim deck of the awards ceremony?
    Spectators are prohibited from taking pictures of the awards presentation from the swim deck. Spectators may take photos from their seat as long as they adhere to OHSAA photo policies. Swimming award photos will be taken by Impact Action Sports Photography and are available for purchase on their web site (www.impactactionphotos.com).
  6. Can I present my son/daughter with flowers during the awards ceremony?
    No, flowers are prohibited from the swim deck.  You may present your flowers outside the pool deck after the awards ceremony.
  7. Is there a hospitality room for coaches?
    Hospitality is provided for coaches and tournament officials
  8. Can I take pictures/video during a race? 
    Spectators can take photos or video from their purchased seat. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED AT THE START OF EACH RACE AND AT ALL TIMES DURING DIVING COMPETITION. Spectators taking pictures/video must not interfere with other spectators or take more space than allotted for their purchased seat.  The tournament site will not provide sources of power for video equipment.
  9. Where do swimmers report for competition?
    Swimmers must report to the clerk of course behind the diving boards prior to their event. 
  10. Where can I get results?
    Results will be posted in the hallway outside the pool deck after each race.  Complete results will be posted on the OHSAA web site (www.ohsaa.org) after each session and follow results on Meet Mobile.
  11. What are the warm-up and practice times?
    Warm-up and practice times are posted on the OHSAA web site and can be found in coaches packets.
  12. Is there reserved parking for buses and school transportation?
    No, there is no reserved parking.  All parking is free and west of the Natatorium.  Note: the C.T. Branin Natatorium is part of the Canton McKinley High School complex and shares parking with their student population during school hours.  Also, district basketball games are often played in the evenings at the Canton Field House next door which also shares the parking.   The parking area is quite large and can accommodate both events.
  13. Is there a coach’s meeting?


  14. Where do I turn in relay cards?

    Relay cards must be turned into the main office by 6:00 pm on Wednesday for Division II and 8:00 pm Thursday for Division I. Relay cards can be found at the coaches’ packet pick up in the gymnasium. Procedures can be found in the tournament information section or link to relay cards.


  15. Is there a Lost and Found?
    If you have lost an item during the tournament, check at the natatorium office located at the main entrance or call 330-438-2739.

  16. Are there concessions available at the natatorium?
    Concessions are available off the spectator level and located on the bridge accessing the Field House. 
  17. Can schools request media/photo credentials?
    Because space on the swim deck is limited, media credentials are issued to professional working media only.  Schools can get results off the OHSAA web site and pictures from Impact Action Aports Photography.  No media credentials will be issued to schools, school photographers or web sites.
  18. Where Can Teams Get A Hotel Room?
    Most hotels are booked a year in advance. However, call the Monday after district tournaments as teams that do not qualify will cancel their reservations and rooms may become available.  In addition, you may call the natatorium office as some area hotels contact the natatorium to inform staff of vacancies.
  19. Where Can Teams Eat?
    Most restaurants will work with teams to reserve a room so that teams can eat as soon as possible after sessions.  A suggestion would be to call ahead and reserve your meals.