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Weight Management Program FAQ'S

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The NFHS rules and OHSAA weight loss plan is intended to reduce rapid and excessive weight loss.  The intent is to help wrestlers experience healthy and safe competition.  Because these rules and regulations are new,  there will be questions that arise.  Coaches and officials are encouraged to cooperate and assist one another to meet the intent of these rules and regulations.  If a question arises and an answer is not readily accessible, use common sense, the welfare of the wrestlers and a sense of fair play to guide you.

Questions From Coaches, Wrestlers and Officials

Q.                 1. My wrestler's alpha weight assessment allows him to wrestle at 105.4 lbs. (7%) at his lowest weight.  If he weighs in at 103.2 lbs. can he wrestle?

A.                        Yes.  He remains eligible in the 106 lb weight class. 

Q.                 2. On Friday my wrestler is allowed to weigh 138.1 lbs. on Saturday he can
      weigh 136.7 lbs. Can I enter him at the 138 lb. weight class on Friday?

A.                        No.  He must enter the tournament in the 145 lb. class and remain in that weight class for the tournament. 

Q.                 3. On Friday my wrestler can weigh 133 pounds.  The tournament in which
       he'll wrestle has informed us that a one pound allowance due to successive
       days will be in effect. Can he wrestle in the 132 lb. weight class?

A.                        No. A wrestler is NOT eligible for a lower weight class because of allowances for successive days of wrestling which then brings a weight class up to the wrestler's minimum weight. 

Q.                 4. I have a wrestler whose minimum wrestling weight is 126.9 (7%).  what
      happens if he weighs in at 126.5? Is there an allowance for variance between

A.                        The wrestler is eligible to compete in the 132 lb. class, but not lower.  He must weigh more that 126 pounds.  The scales at the competition site are the "official" scales. 

Q.                 5. What documentation must a coach provide to "prove" that a wrestler is
       eligible at a specific weight?

A.                        A coach must have the Optimum performance calculator weigh-in sheet found on the NWCA website.   Coaches must generate a weigh in form. 

Q.                 6. A wrestler had an Alpha Body Weight (initial assessment) of 186.1 on
      November 22.  His projected lowest weight is 169.30 on January 3.  He is
      permitted to lose 2.8 pounds per week (1.5%).    On   December 6 his weight
      loss plan shows that he can weigh 180.5 lbs. (182 pound class).  What
      happens if he weighs less than that, say 169.5 pounds?

A.                        The wrestler is eligible to participate in the 182 pound weight class.  He remains eligible in the 182 pound class as his weight descends and CANNOT wrestle in the next lower weight class until his plan allows it. 

Q.                 7. What if a wrestler weighs 172.1 lbs. (182 class) on December 27 and on
       January 3 he can weigh 169.3 (170 class).  When can the wrestler compete
       at 170 lbs.?

A.                        He is eligible at 170 on the date indicated on the individual weight loss plan or on the OPC generated weigh in form. 

Q.                8. Our team is competing in the Monster tournament.  The information sent to
      us indicates we'll weigh out on Friday night.  Is this a problem?

A.                        "Weigh outs" are NOT permitted.  All weigh ins MUST be conducted in accordance with NFHS wrestling rules.  Teams that violate the weigh in rules may be penalized by the OHSAA.  Penalties could include fines, suspensions and post season tournament ineligibility.  Tournaments that violate those rules could be penalized through the sponsoring school.  Finally, officials that conduct weigh ins not in compliance with NFHS rules may also be penalized.      



Q.                 1. What if a student-athlete doesn't have a photo identification?

A.                        Assume the person is who he/she professes to be.  Photo ID's may include driver's license, school ID, yearbook photos, etc. 

Q.                 2. What should wrestlers wear for the Alpha weigh-in and assessment?

      A.                   Male wrestlers MUST wear shorts.  Females must wear shorts and a sports

      Q.                  3. Can an allowance be made for the clothing worn during the weigh-in
                            portion of the Alpha assessment?

         No - no allowance can be made.

Q.                4. If a wrestler "fails" the hydration test should we continue the assessment

A.                        No. The wrestler must wait 48 hours before he/she may be assessed.

 Q.               5.  What happens if we do the Alpha weight and assessment on December 2?
          Will we be able to wrestle on December 4?

A.                       An assessor is permitted 72 hours to enter the Alpha assessment data.  No
  wrestler is permitted to wrestle until the Alpha Master Roster and the
  individual's personal information can be printed. Check with the assessors
  to see when the data will be online.

 Q.               6. Can a team have two different Alpha weight and assessment dates?

A.                         The intent is to have the team be present and assessed with another team.  Students who come out for wrestling at a later date would be assessed after they joined the team and before they wrestle in any match.

     Q.                 7. Is it correct that Lange calipers or an equally good set must be used?

A.                         Yes

     Q.                 8. Is each OHSAA assessor operating under the CLIA certificate obtained by
                          the OHSAA?

A.                       Yes, The OHSAA obtained a CLIA certificate waiver which permits all
  OHSAA assessors to utilize reagent strips to test hydration in order to
  provide a body fat assessment.

 Q.                 9. Must Bayer reagent strips be used?

A.                           OHSAA regulations state such.  However, a number of assessors have called with concerns that their employers use comparable, but different brands.  In such cases we allow the use of comparable strips.

 Q.               10. Where can we find a listing of Bodpod sites?

A.                   The OHSAA wrestling page has a listing.      


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