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Wrestling Team Assignments and Locations

Tournament Information and Forms

NEDAB Liaison:
Bill Nye

Sport Coordinator:
Toby Dunlap
[email protected]
Ph: 440-487-6308

Forms to Download:

Site Availability Agreement - School

Site Availability Agreement - Facility

Site Confirmation Agreement

Up to fourteen (14) wrestlers that have qualified to the district tournament (plus alternates), will be admitted to the district wrestling tournament. Additionally, one head coach (1) and one additional coach (1) per the chart below will be admitted at the pass gate. Only coaches will have access to the gym floor. 

1-2 Qualifiers - One head coach and one assistant coach

3-4 Qualifiers - One head coach and two assistant coaches

5-9 Qualifiers - One head coach and three assistant coaches

10-14 Qualifiers - One head coach and four assistant coaches

All extra personnel (i.e. statisticians, trainers, managers, etc) are required to purchase a ticket at the regular admission price.

Nov. 17
First Day of Coaching
Nov. 18
Earliest Preview Date
Dec. 7
Season Begins
Jan. 8 
Non-Interscholastic Date (Boys)
Jan. 15
Non-Interscholastic Date (Girls)
Feb. 19-24
Sectional Tournaments (Boys)
Feb. 26 - March 2
District Tournaments (Boys)
Feb. 26 - March 2
Regional Tournaments (Girls)
March 8-10
State Tournament 
March 10
Season Ends

Wrestling History