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Individual Wrestling Media Credential Information

State Tournament Media Credential Information

Note to High School Athletic Directors: The OHSAA will approve one student media (reporter or photographer) per school. Please use the Student Media Credential Form and fax (or scan and email) it to Tim Stried (fax 614-267-1677, [email protected]). A confirmation email will be sent.
The following information has been prepared to assist the media with its coverage of the upcoming OHSAA individual wrestling state tournament. Please contact Tim Stried ([email protected] or 614-267-2502, ext. 124) at the OHSAA office should you have additional questions. Previews and additional information will be posted on the OHSAA web site the week of the state tournament.
DATE: Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 15
LOCATION: The Jerome Schottenstein Center at The Ohio State University, Columbus
Friday, March 13
3 p.m. Session Number 1 (Championship Preliminaries and Consolations Round 1)
Saturday, March 14
10:00 a.m. Session Number 2 (Quarterfinals and Consolations Round 2)
6:30 p.m. Session Number 3 (Semifinals and Consolation Quarterfinals)
Sunday, March 15
10:00 a.m. Session Number 4 (Consolations)
5:30 p.m. Session Number 5 (All Finals)
COMPETITION SCHEDULE: Each match has been assigned a match number. All match numbers are found in the state tournament program. Match numbers are listed on the center section of the overhead hanging scoreboard in the arena in the order in which they will be wrestled. The scoreboard will list 10 consecutive matches using the following abbreviations: WR-currently wrestling; OD-on deck (wrestlers positioned behind the respective mat); BP-bullpen (wrestlers report to the east end of the arena), and WU-warm-up (wrestlers should report to the bullpen in approximately 10 minutes). No matches, other than those marked TBA, will be announced over the public address system.
PAIRINGS: Tournament pairings will be available by 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 8 on the OHSAA’s wrestling website.
CREDENTIALS: Fax (or scan and email) your completed application form to Tim Stried at the OHSAA office (fax 614-267-1677, [email protected]). The deadline to submit requests is 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10.
CREDENTIAL CONFIRMATION: The OHSAA will send a confirmation email to approved media applicants and post a list on OHSAA.org of those media members who have been approved for credentials. The approved list will be posted by noon on Wednesday, March 11, and will be updated if needed. Denied applications will be notified via email.
PARKING: Some media members will be mailed a parking pass, while other media will be instructed where to pick up a parking pass before arriving at the Schottenstein Center. Parking details will be included in the confirmation email (see previous note). Not every media member can be accommodated with a parking pass. For those media who do not receive a parking pass, parking is available in the lots around the facility near Ohio State’s baseball stadium and track stadium. A shuttle service is provided from the Buckeye Lots at the north end of Fred Taylor Drive (closest to Ackerman Road) to bring those who park in those lots to the arena.
CREDENTIAL PICKUP/MEDIA ENTRANCE: Credential pick up information and location will be outlined in the media application confirmation memo.
PRESS ROW: Some media will be given assigned seats on press row. All others shall be seated individually by the media assistants.
WORKSPACE: Reporters may work at press row or in the arena’s media work room, which is located off the main hallway behind press row. Wireless internet is available in the arena. Media shall request a password and username when credentials are picked up in the Fred Taylor Room, or may do so from the media assistants.
INTERVIEWS: Interviews primarily take place in the Media Interview Room, located at arena floor level behind press row. No interviews will take place on the arena floor itself, except in the designated media viewing area in the northeast corner. To request an interview, fill out the Media Interview Request Form prior to the match in which the wrestler you are covering is competing. A media runner will give the request form to the coach, and the coach and/or wrestler will meet you in the Media Interview Room after the match.
HOSPITALITY: There is a Media Hospitality Room located at floor level where light snacks, soft drinks and water are served. A meal is served all three days of the state tournament at approximately 5 p.m. Media members are requested to remain inside the Media Hospitality Room with their food and beverages. Only water is permitted at press row. Additional food and beverage areas are open to the media on a cost-per-item basis.
RESULTS: Printed results will be distributed along press row and will be posted on the OHSAA website as soon as possible during each session.
BROADCAST CONNECTIONS: The OHSAA will provide a courtesy phone line for media use in the media work room. Calls are to be made with a credit card, by calling collect or with a toll-free number. Media outlets that are doing play-by-play broadcasts or providing radio reports and need a personal line (phone line, ISDN line or high-speed internet line) must make additional arrangements, which includes a cost. To order a line, fax a request to the attention of Steve Aldous at 614-688-3425. You can also email Steve at [email protected] Your fee will include installation and lease of the line for the weekend. If you order a line, you must bring your own telephone and telephone cord. Neither will be provided. A technician will be on hand during the tournament to resolve any problems.
LIVE AUDIO BROADCASTS: Live audio broadcasts are permitted. Please see the OHSAA’s broadcast rates chart for a list of fees for those outlets that provide play-by-play broadcasts. Fees must be paid before broadcasting. There is no OHSAA rights fee due for providing radio updates.
ADDITIONAL TV NOTE: Lights on TV cameras are not permitted when shooting a match or when filming a story while matches are in progress.
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