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Bylaw 4, Section 5. Conduct, Character, Discipline

4-5-1 In matters pertaining to personal conduct in which athletic contests and their related activities are not involved, the school itself is to be the sole judge as to whether the student may participate in athletics.

4-5-2 In matters pertaining to personal conduct in which athletic contests and their related activities are involved, the principal and game officials shall file a report and the Executive Director’s office shall have jurisdiction to determine additional penalties including whether or not the student may participate in athletics.
4-5-3 Physical attacks on any official shall be reported to the Association office immediately by the officials involved. The Executive Director’s office shall conduct an investigation and determine the penalties involved.
4-5-4 Any students who are ejected or disqualified from an athletic contest in any sport for unsporting conduct or a flagrant violation shall be immediately placed under the direct supervision of a school official.
4-5-5 Any student suspended or expelled from a member school shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletics at any member school for the duration of the suspension or expulsion. For the purpose of this bylaw, suspension refers to the denial of attendance at school for a period of not more than 10 days. Expulsion refers to the involuntary removal of a student for more than 10 days.
4-5-6 Any student who is or would have been subject to a penalty or consequences for violations of a school’s Board adopted Code of Conduct (Student, Athletic) shall be declared ineligible in the event the student transfers to another school before the penalty or consequence has been fully served. Once the terms of the penalty or consequence have been fully served at the new school, or once one full calendar year has passed since the date of first attendance at the new school, whichever comes first, then the student is permitted to regain their athletic eligibility, at the discretion of the new school, assuming they are eligible in all other respects. It is the responsibility of an administrator at the former school to alert an administrator at the student’s new school of any violation of this nature that would affect the student’s eligibility in interscholastic athletics and the duration of the suspension for that violation.