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Directors of Officiating Development

OHSAA Directors of Officiating Development

The sports of Baseball, Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Fast Pitch Softball, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, Volleyball and Wrestling have an individual responsible for the training and education of those sports officials. The DOD assists with meeting topics, classes and virtually every aspect of officiating enhancement.

Baseball - Dan McGinnis

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: A native of Columbus, McGinnis was named Ohio’s 2013 Baseball Official of the Year. He is a past president of the Central Ohio Baseball Umpires Association and now serves on the Board of Directors of UMPS CARE Charities, a non-profit organization established by Major League Baseball umpires (www.umpscare.com). McGinnis has been a licensed OHSAA baseball umpire for 16 years and has conducted the state umpire mechanics clinic since 2011. He has been an adult education instructor since 2005.
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Blue Book Communication
2-Man Mechanics - PDFPowerPoint | 3-Man Mechanics - PDF, PowerPoint | 4-Man Mechanics - PDF, PowerPoint

Basketball - Denny Morris

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: A 2009 inductee into the OHSAA’s Officials Hall of Fame. Has been an OHSAA basketball official since 1975 and a state rules interpreter since 2005. Worked OHSAA state championship games in 2002, 2005 and 2007 and has been an instructor at numerous OHSAA basketball officiating clinics as well as the Official’s First Conference in 2003, 2005 and 2007.
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Field Hockey - Travis Burwell

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Bio Note: Born and raised in Columbus, Travis is currently employed by the Columbus Division of Fire. Travis began officiating at the age of 15, and is a nine-year field hockey and basketball official. Travis has received multiple regional and state tournament assignments in both sports, and also received the COFHOA official of the year award.


Football - Dr. Bruce Maurer

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Recently retired after 39 years as the Associate Director for Capital & Strategic Projects at The Ohio State University Department of Recreational Sports. Officiated high school, collegiate and professional football for 38 years, including 15 years in the NFL. Taught officiating courses at OSU for 33 years. Also officiated high school and collegiate basketball for 39 years and has served as the OHSAA's wrestling state tournament director for 31 years (was inducted into the Ohio High School Wrestling Officials Hall of Fame in 2008).
Officiating Gold Book
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For current weekly bulletins, new rulings, rule book interpretations please visit the OHSAA Football Officials website at www.ohsaafb.com.

Gymnastics - Lori Powers-Basinger

Email: [email protected] 
Bio Note: A 24-year OHSAA official who also served as president of the Advisory Committee to OHSAA for girls gymnastics for 8 years. Recipient of the OHSAA Service award for career contributions to high school gymnastics in Ohio. Former head coach at St. Francis DeSales High School (18 years) earning district and state coach of the year awards.  Coached many state qualifying teams and individuals- having 2 state runner-up team finishes and 10 state individual champions. A USA Gymnastics national rated judge who officiates all ages and levels of competition- from recreational to NCAA. Currently serves as the State Judging Director of Ohio for the National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges.

Ice Hockey - Gary Wilkins

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Brings 45 years of officiating experience at the USA Hockey, collegiate and high school level. Has been an Ohio high school official for 36 years (two years prior to the OHSAA conducting a state tournament). Has officiated 18 OHSAA State Final Playoffs. Is a member of the National Federation ice hockey rules committee, while also serving as an OHSAA officials assigner and rules interpreter.  Is an Assistant Commissioner with the Capital Hockey Conference and Director of the Columbus Ice Hockey Officials Association. 

Boys Lacrosse - Lee Spitzer

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Lee Spitzer has over 30 years of lacrosse officiating experience working youth, high school, NCAA and Major League Lacrosse games.  He is a US Lacrosse LAREDO Clinician and currently serves on the US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Training Group and Men’s Game Committee.  He is  the college assigner and rules interpreter for District 6.   The former head lacrosse and head wrestling coach at Upper Arlington High School, Lee is a member of the Ohio Lacrosse, Ohio Capital Conference and the Ohio High School Wrestling Halls of Fame.

Girls Lacrosse - Lissa Fickert

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Lissa Fickert is National umpire with over 30 years of experience at all levels, including over 20 state/regional HS finals, 10 WCLA championship finals, NCAA championships, and the U-17 Festival in Canada.  She is a national clinician, has presented at the USL convention, served as a Region Chair, Board Chair, trainer, and rules interpreter in the Great Lakes Region, and is a member of the Ohio Lacrosse Hall of Fame. She currently sits on the US Lacrosse Women’s Game Committee and is the Chair of the USL Rules Committee. She is a Master Trainer for the Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Officials’ Association.


Soccer - Don Muenz

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Has been a licensed OHSAA referee since 1984, NFHS state faculty instructor since 1998, a certified assigner since 1985, a USSF referee since 1978 and a USSF instructor since 2000. Has officiated numerous NCAA tournament regional matches and one women’s national championship game. Was honored by Major League Soccer as one of Ohio’s Top 100 Soccer Leaders in 2000. Served two terms as president of the Ohio Collegiate Soccer Officials Association and was a NISOA referee for 23 years. Has officiated 10 OHSAA state tournament matches, served as fourth official on numerous regional and state final matches and has been the OHSAA state rules interpreter since 1996.

Softball - Jerry Fick

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Has been involved in training umpires and officiating administration since 1971. Was named to the Amateur Softball Association's national umpire Staff in 2002 and has since been assigned to work with umpires across the country and in Europe. Is the current vice chair of the ASA Fast Pitch Rules Committee. Has been an OHSAA District Officials Secretary for 25 years and a state softball interpreter since 2003. Developed the proposal for the OHSAA Officials Hall of Fame in 1987 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

Swimming & Diving - R.J. Van Almen

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: R.J. Van Almen is a former four-year State Championship qualifier & three-year All-Ohioan from Canton. Today he is self-employed & his greatest passions are serving the aquatics community and officiating at the high school, college & USA level. 
R.J. has officiated 12 Division I & 12 Division II state championships, 36 NCAA (DI, DII and DII) & one NAIA National Championships, 5 Arena Pro Series Championships (Mesa, Santa Clara, Orlando, Charlotte and Atlanta), USA Nationals, US Open & numerous college conference championships. 
In 2014, R.J. was inducted into the Stark County Swimming & Diving Hall of Fame and in 2015 he was named the National Federation of High School Officials Girl's Swimming and Diving Official of the Year. In April 2017 he was elected President of The Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club. He is the former President of the East Ohio Swim Officials Association & current President of the Greater Canton Aquatics Association & Canton Amateur Sports Hall of Fame.

Cross Country and Track and Field - BJ (William) Duckworth

Email: [email protected] 
Bio Note: Officiating since 2005, Duckworth is a Past-President of the Ohio Association of Track & Field and Cross Country Officials, he has twice been a presenter at their annual clinic. Originally from NE Ohio he served as secretary of the Greater Youngstown Track Officials Association for nearly ten years. While in Youngstown he worked in various capacities at Youngstown State University Athletics including three seasons as Coordinator of Officials for YSU Track & Field/Cross Country. In addition to high school indoor track meets he coordinated for the Horizon League (NCAA Division 1) & the Presidents Athletic Conference (NCAA Division 3) Indoor Track Championships as well as Horizon League Cross Country and Outdoor Track & Field Championships.  As of the 2021 season he has worked over 30 district tournaments and over 20 regional championships. Duckworth has officiated the OHSAA State Track & Field Championship eight times and has served on the hurdle crew for the championship four times. Additionally, as a former USATF official he has officiated the Mid-American Conference Indoor & Horizon League Outdoor Championships.  Currently residing in Genoa (Toledo), Ohio he works in non-profit leadership.  



Girls Volleyball - Diane Plas

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Has been an OHSAA volleyball state rules interpreter since 1995. Has been a collegiate volleyball and basketball coordinator for 29 years and has officiated women’s collegiate volleyball and basketball for 21 years.
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Boys Volleyball - Lucas Tuggle

Lucas currently works in education for South-Western City Schools. He has been a certified OHSAA volleyball and basketball official since he was 14 years old and brings over 18 years of experience. During his career, he has been assigned numerous OHSAA and OHSBVA post-season matches, refereeing the 2015 OHSAA D1 Final 4. He has also worked numerous NCAA D3/NAIA conference and the NJCAA tournament matches as a referee and line judge, line judges multiple D1 conference tournament matches as well as the NAIA tournament. Off the floor, Lucas brings leadership experience from serving as the president of the Southwestern Ohio Board of Officials (PAVO), along with serving in various association leadership positions. Lucas serves as the coordinator of officials for several high school and middle school conferences in Ohio, along with assigning support officials for colleges. He served the OHSBVA as the State Officials Coordinator and State Rules Interpreter for 10 seasons.
2023 - Plays of the Week: Week 5

Wrestling - Toby Dunlap

Email: [email protected]
Bio Note: Toby spent 39 years as an OHSAA registered wrestling official. He has served as a high school and youth volunteer wrestling coach. He is a member of the Northeast Ohio Wrestling Officials Association (NOWOA) serving its Treasurer for 10 years and 22 years as Rules Interpreter. He is a member of the Greater Cleveland Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association (GCWCOA) and is a four-time recipient of its Official of the Year Award. He currently serves on the scholarship selection committees of the NOWOA and the GCWCOA. He was selected to officiate 19 OHSAA State Individual Wrestling Tournaments and assigned to officiate 27 Sectional and District Tournaments (Northeast District). He officiated the Division I State Dual Meet Team Championships sponsored by the Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association from its inception to its conclusion. He serves as a clinician for the Ohio Wrestling Officials Association, as well as a guest lecturer at many local wrestling officials associations throughout the state. He assisted his predecessor, James Vreeland, in the preparation and editing of the inaugural edition of the O.H.S.A.A. “Greenbook” Wrestling Officials Mechanics Manual and has published in the Officials Quarterly Magazine. He has been an OHSAA Observer of Officials since the inception of the program in 2012 with 7 State Tournament observation assignments. He serves the Northeast District Athletic Board as Sports Coordinator for Wrestling. He was awarded the National Federation of Interscholastic Officials Association Ohio Wrestling Official of the year in 2011 and was inducted into the Medina Invitational Hall of Fame (2004), the Ohio Wrestling Officials Hall of Fame (2008), the Top Gun Invitational Hall of Fame (2019), and the OHSAA Officials Hall of Fame (2019).
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