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Volleyball Team Assignments and Locations

Brackets and Results

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
Northwest 1 Northwest 1 Northwest 1 Northwest 1
Northwest 2 Northwest 2 Northwest 2 Northwest 2
    Northwest 3 Northwest 3
      Northwest 4
      Northwest 5







Tournament Instructions and Forms

Sport Coordinators:

Gary Kreinbrink
(419) 943-2165
[email protected]

Geoff Palmer
(419) 626-1892
[email protected]

Financial Report Instructions

Financial Report

NWDAB Tournament Managers and Locations

The NWDAB has decided to make a few changes for the 2018 OHSAA Volleyball tournaments  Better seed host will still assign line judge for the first round (sect’l semi-final), however, the NWDAB will assign all line judges for the 2nd round (sect’l final).

First round (sect’l semi-final) games are still better seed host.  The 2nd round (sect’l final) has changed.  The teams that advance to the 2nd round  (sect’l final) will be played at the Better Seed Host site for each ½ bracket. 

ie: #1 seed had a bye, #5 defeated #6 in top ½, so #1 will host #5 in 2nd round (sect’l final).  The other part of that top bracket had #4 with a bye and #11 defeated #12, so #4 will play #11 at #1 site for 2nd round (sect’l final).  The #1 seed will host 2 games for the 2nd round (sect’l final).  In this example, #4 vs #11 at 6:00 and #1 vs #5 at 7:30.  The officials, R1 and 2 as well as the line judges, will be used for both matches.

With the limited number of officials and the desire for the NWDAB to assign Line Judges for the second round (sect’l final) matches, a change needed to be made.

Finally, District Final games will be played on October 25th with hopes of avoiding conflicts with boys and girls soccer, regional CC, ACT, working around opening day of girls basketball as well as giving teams that advance more time to prepart for regional games.

The NWDAB greatly appreciates the quality job shown tournament managers in NW Ohio.  You are the reason NW Ohio tournaments are among the best in Ohio!