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Congratulations to our Southwest Officials

Selected to Officiate at State Championships

April 8, 2019

The Southwest District Athletic Board members congratulate the following Southwest officials who were chosen to officiate in the State Championships in their respective sports.  Without any question, their selection was based on many factors--knowledge of the rules, demonstrated wisdom, ability to get along with the athletes and coaches, and proven integrity throughout their career.

Congratulations to those chosen for State Championship Officiating

Individual Wrestling Dual Team Wrestling Swimming & Diving Gymnastics Boys Basketball
Daniel Kuhlmann Dave Friend Jeff Raker Megan Will Andre Bumpus
Gerry Glowik Dick McCoy Tom Schoborg Dori Carnes Christopher Dodd
Kyle Grilliot Jeff Simons Patrick Cassidy Jo Ann Borda Kristopher Estes
Mark Schutte Matt Turton Anissa Kanzari Christina Tehan Daniel Holland
Scott Myers   Nicole Weber Kathleen Edwards Hanna Keller
Tony Stapleton   Jay McMillen   Erin Kenney-Levin
Walter Starks   Edgar Carabello   Benjamin Levin
Tony Trent   Terry Neack   Jon Siler
    Anne Krehbiel   Kelly Whelan
    Dan Worobetz   Ron Black
    Rick Wetzel   Eric Brown
    Travis Myers   Jesse Fark
        Brad Kelley
        Jason Koterba
        Tyler Lee
        Jon Sagers
        Adam Sensibaugh

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