Congratulations to Mr. Dale E. Creamer for his years of service to the OHSAA and SWDAB!  Dale will be retiring from the Southwest District Athletic Board on June 30 after 29 years of service-- 13 years as a Southwest District Board Member and the past 16 years serving as Secretary of the Southwest District Athletic Board.  Dale has touched many lives over the years and has been a huge supporter of high school athletics.

Mr. Creamer served 16 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator at Xenia, Miami Trace, Mt. Gilead and Twin Valley North high schools.  In 1982, Mr. Creamer was hired as Principal of Brookville High School—a position he held until he retired in 2004.  In 1991, Dale was approached by three OHSAA icons—Mr. Robert Denney, Mr. John Rossi, and Mr. Fred Durkle—and credits these individuals as having a huge impact on his life and his love and contributions to athletes.  Dale was elected to the Southwest District Athletic Board in 1991 and served as both President and Vice-President of the State Board of Control for two terms, 1995-96 and 2000-01.  It was during his tenure at Brookville High School that he met and hired Mr. Andy Bixler as a math teacher and Mr. John Kronour as an assistant principal.  His profound influence on these individuals has contributed to their love for athletics and their involvement as elected members of the Southwest District Board.  Both Mr. Bixler and Mr. Kronour continue to serve on the SWDAB.  In 2004, Mr. John “Butch” Rossi, Secretary of the SWDAB, became ill and asked Mr. Creamer to work with him, and following Butch’s passing, Dale has filled the position as Secretary of the Board—a position in which he has loved for 16 years.

One of the major improvements during Dale’s tenure was the progression across Ohio with tournament draws using technology to calculate and seed schools, providing quick meetings and instant results.  Dale has worked closely with Cheryl Brandenburg, Webmaster, and takes pride in the district website with the wealth of information provided.  Dale was the individual who recommended and helped implement the SWDAB Friend of Athletics Award in 2013--which this year has been appropriately named the Dale E. Creamer Friend of Athletics Award.  Dale felt it was important to honor those individuals who volunteer and give so much to their schools.  He felt that it was a great opportunity for Athletic Administrators to thank and recognize those individuals. 

In reflecting over his career, Mr. Creamer is thankful for the many years that the members of all boards in the OHSAA worked together, became a family, shared their life experiences.  Dale’s wife, Susan, was always heavily involved with the programs sponsored by the SWDAB.  Spouses and children knew one another from conferences and activities, and many of these children followed in their parents footsteps as athletic administrators.  To name a few, Mr. Rob Durkle has worked with the board in hosting tournaments at the University of Dayton, Mr. John Rossi, Jr. has served as a basketball coach following his dad’s footprints, Mr. Steve Rossi is the Athletic Administrator of Roger Bacon High School, and Mr. Kregg Creamer is the Athletic Administrator at Tipp City High School.  One can never under-estimate the influence dedicated individuals, sharing their passions, have on others—both now and in years to come.

Ironically as Dale recognized the icons of his past, others have reached out to share similar sentiments.  Mr. Mark Harden, Sycamore H.S., stated “Thank you so much for not only what you’ve done for SWDAB and for kids, but also what you’ve done for me personally.  You’re a legend my friend...all the best”.   Mr. Andy Bixler, Board Member and friend for 28 years shares, “His passion for students, student-athletes and educational based athletics was evident then and still exists today.  He is a man of the highest integrity and competence.  While Dale Creamer will be missed on the board, the impact he has made on the athletic community in southwest Ohio along with the positive influence on board members over the years will allow his legacy to continue”.  Dale has been a mentor and friend to Bob Huelsman for many years.  Bob shares that “it was because of Dale’s leadership and character that created the positive atmosphere on the SWDAB.  His knowledge, experience, and love for the OHSAA has made all of us better people”.

Dale treasures the meaningful friendships and relationships that he has developed in the state of Ohio, and especially the Southwest.  His life is full and he is truly blessed.  Congratulations Mr. Creamer for all your years of service and contributions.  Enjoy your retirement with your family, wife Susan, children Kregg and Kim, and your beautiful grandchildren!  We look forward to seeing you at future athletic events and thank you for your many years of service.

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