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2020 Boys and Girls Basketball Super Sectional Guidelines

January 22, 2020

2020 Super Sectional Guidelines

The Southeast District Athletic Board (SEDAB) is implementing a new super sectional format for the 2020 boys and girls basketball tournaments.  The information listed below is for the purpose of communicating how this format will be handled operationally.  The Board has made every effort to anticipate questions and believes this document will provide answers.  We do understand that other questions and issues may arise.  There will be a process to answer those as well.

  1.  Seeding. On-line seeding will continue as in the past.  The exception is that coaches will seed ALL teams in the division instead of a geographically aligned sectional site. [Example: 31 teams in D3 girls.  Coaches seed 1 through 31.] A seeding document will be sent out to all schools from the board/manager and also from Baumspage.  Guidelines are largely the same including the changes made last year and current.  These include:  1. A coach cannot vote for his/her own team;  2. A team’s highest and lowest vote will NOT count;  3. A coach who does not vote/seed will be penalized by losing their second highest vote (the top vote is discarded as mentioned).
  2. District winners/Regional qualifiers.  Following the seeding, after results are tabulated, the Board will reach out to the number 1 seed via cell phone.  The coach will then SELECT whether the number 1 seed’s bracket will be labeled 1 or 2.  Example: Two winners, boys D3.  #1 seed’s bracket is the upper bracket.  The #1 seeded team’s coach will decide if that bracket is labeled Athens 1 or Athens 2.
  3. Brackets.  As for the past 15+ years the board will use NCAA-paired brackets that are pre-determined.  Teams will be placed on the bracket as determined by their voted seed number.  Example: Girls D3, 31 teams.  #1 is a first round bye.  #2 plays #31, #3 plays #30, etc.  The blank brackets with paired seeds will be distributed prior to the seeding.
  4. Site assignments.  Following the seeding process and placement of teams on the brackets, as per their voted seed, the Board will then assign the games to one of the two sectional sites indicated on the tournament set up.  In situations in which one team in a match up is closer to one site while the other team is closer to the other site, the higher seeded team will be given priority.  The Board reserves the right to adjust games.
  5. Game times.  Game times will be listed on the blank bracket. Once the pairing is determined (by seed), the Board may adjust times at a site to best accommodate travel, fans, etc.  
  6. Frequently Asked  Questions.  There will be a spot on the SEDAB’s website that lists answers to FAQ’s.
  7. Current Questions.  Should you have an initial question direct it to Board member Mark LaFon.  740-550-8014 or [email protected]


2020 Boys Basketball Sectional/District Composite Bracket

2020 Girls Basketball Sectional/District Composit Bracket

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