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2019 Baseball Tournament Brackets and Results

Tournament Draw Brackets (these will not be updated with results).  Use links above for results.

SEDAB Baseball

2019 Sectional & District Tournament Information

Rain Out Procedures

Southeast District Athletic Board
Baseball – Softball

Rain out procedure
1. If the home field is unplayable the host school Athletic Director MUST call the tournament manager by 1:00.

2. The host school has the OPTION of relocating the game to a neutral site. NOTE: District sites (such as Paint Stadium) cannot be used as a neutral site without permission of the district board.

3. If neither option (play at home or relocate to a neutral site) is exercised by the host school the tournament manager must be notified by 1:00. [If a neutral site is arranged the tournament manager must be notified as well as the visiting team. Game officials must be notified.]

4. The tournament manager shall contact the visiting school to determine if their field is playable. If so the game is relocated to the visiting school’s facility.

5. Under no circumstances is a host school permitted to simply cancel and reschedule the game. ONLY THE MANAGER can do that. This will occur after all available options are exercised. The manager may consult the district board as needed.

6. Should the game be rescheduled it will be rescheduled the very next day (Sundays excluded unless the SEDAB makes an exception due to a back log and/or a pressing district schedule).

7. Any school that does not follow the above procedure risks a penalty as determined by the SEDAB. Said penalties may include a loss of the opportunity to host games in future tournaments.

District games are played at neutral sites. The manager has sole discretion regarding weather related events. Should a rain out occur the manager will move the game to the next available date. Previously scheduled games are played on the date scheduled including the final.

Example: 2 semifinal games – 5-19, 5-20. Final – 5-23.
`5-19 is rained out. Rescheduled date – 5-21

[Revised and approved 2/15/15]

2020 Baseball Calendar

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