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Mr. Joe Danneman & Anthony "Tony" Tribble

Mr. Joe Danneman
Fox 19
Mr. Anthony "Tony" Tribble
Freelance Photographer

In 1991, the Ohio High School Athletic Association initiated a program entitled the Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Program.  One aspect of the program was to honor those special individuals who bring great recognition to our high schools, coaches, and especially, our athletes through media's different forms.  Each of Ohio's six athletic districts was asked to put a process in place to gather nominations of individuals who fit this special category.  Our 2023 Media Award Recipients are Mr. Joe Danneman and Mr. Anthony Tribble. 

Mr. Joe Danneman, graduated from Syracuse University and began his career as a news essayist at FOX19 Now in 2001.  He began his career at the station in 2004, working his way up to become a newsmaker, a sports maker, and finally a sports/journalist.  He resigned in 2009 to pursue other opportunities and worked as the games director at WFIE-TV in Evansville.  He has covered Super Bowl XLIV, two public title school football match-ups, the NCAA DII College World Series, Major Leagues Baseball's first day of the season, and the NFL's end of the season.  Joe has held the position at FOX 19 from April 2011 to present.

Joe and his counterpart (Jeremy Rauch) at Fox 19 have set the standard for covering high school sports in the modern age area of high school athletes.  Joe has continued to go above and beyond to make sure high school sports, athletes, and teams get the proper recognition they deserve and make sure they carve out time on tv Fox 19 sports reports and other media avenues.  Joe is also involved in the Baxla Tractor Athlete of the Month program.  His attention to detail, creative ideas and enthusiasm, and unique way to bring humor and sports together, is truly a beautiful thing.  

Mr. Anthony "Tony" Tribble,  is a Freelance Photographer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Associated Press, Pulse-Journal, Local 12, and Miami University.  Tony has been one of the most visible and consistent photographers over the past years, covering high school sports.  Highlights of his career include covering Roger Bacon's win over Lebron James and St. Vincent St. Mary's in the state championship game.  He fondly recalls Hamilton HIgh School winning the boys state championship.  Boys and girls championships at St. John's Arena were always highlights of great high school competitions for that State Title.  Tony covered the Princeton girls state championship in 2016.  He was able to capture in photographs the first state championship for Archbishop Moeller High School.  One of his fondest and craziest moments was driving to Canton, Ohio, on a Friday night to shoot OHSAA State Finals and then leaving at 6:00 a.m. the next day to drive to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to shoot the KHSAA state finals--all in one weekend!  Tony is thankful for the relationships he has developed with coaches and players over the years and some of those same players are now coaches.  Congratulations Mr. Tribble!

Since the inception of this award, the following individuals have been honored as Media Service Recipients by the members of the Southwest District Athletic Board:

1997-98:        Ted Landis, Brookville Star; Warren Johnson, WPFB Radio, Middletown
1998-99:        Dave Long, Dayton Daily News; Duane Bachman, WPTW Radio, Piqua
1999-2000:    Don McDermott, Greenville Daily; Dave Schutte, Cincinnati Enquirer
2000-2001:    Mike Hartsock, WHIO TV, Dayton; Mark Huber, Wilmington News
2001-2002:    Kert Radel, WMOH Radio, Hamilton; Bill Liermann, WSWO Radio, Wilmington
2002-2003:    Jack Gordan, WPFB Radio, Middletown; Joe Neves, WPTW, Piqua
2003-2004:    Tom Gambel, DSA Sports, Cincinnati; John Popovich, WCPO Radio, Cincinnati
2004-2005:    Omar Williams, WHIO-TV, Retired; Ron Jackson, Dayton Daily News; Guy Fogle, WHIO TV
2005-2006:    Roger Barger, WKFI WSWO Sabina; Tom Groeschen, Cincinnati Enquirer
2006-2007:    Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News; Ken Barhorst, Sidney Daily News
2007-2008:    Sonny Fulks, WPTW, 1590WPTW.com; Jerry Nardiello, Middletown Journal
2008-2009:    Enos Penningtonwww.newrichmond.localsportsradio.com ; Richard Crawford, The Clermont Suns Newspaper
2009-2010:    Chick LudwigJack Pohl, WDTN-Channel 2 Sports Director.
2010-2011:    Mike Dyer, Cincinnati Enquirer; Ron Nunnari, Englewood Independent
2011-2012:    Scott Ward, WTGR, Greenville; Jack Kramer, ScoresBroadcast.com
2012-2013:    Dirk AllenGeorge Vogel
2013-2014:    Mark Slaughter, WCPO-Channel 9; Rob Kiser, Piqua Daily Call.
2014-2015:    Matt Hammond, Bellefontaine Examiner; Eric Frantz, J.J. Huddle
2015-2016:    Marc Pendleton, Dayton Daily News; Rick Cassano, Cox Media Group
2016-2017:    Debbie Juniewicz, Cox Publications (Dayton Daily News, Springfield/Middletown news); David Fong, Troy Daily News, Piqua Daily Call, Sidney Daily Call
2017-2018:    Elise Jesse, WLWT, Cincinnati; Wade Linville, Brown County Press, Ripley Bee, News Democrat.
2018-2019:    Dale Barger, Greenville Daily Advocate; John Bombatch, Xenia Gazette.
2019-2020:    David Miller, Loveland Magazine (Editor & Publisher); Garth Shanklin, Clermont Sun (Sports Editor).
2020-2021:    No recipients due to pandemic.
2021-2022:    Bill Idle, Brookville Star; Scott Springer, Cincinnati Enquirer
2022-2023     Joe Danneman, Fox 19; Anthony "Tony" Tribble, Freelance Photographer