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Friend of Youth Award Recipients

Friend of Youth Award Recipients

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Class of 2022-23
Ruth Boll (Photographer/Volunteer), Wheelersburg/SOC
Lester & Betty Green, Federal Hocking - 56 years
Dr. Harry Kittaka (Physician), Waverly

Class of 2021-22
Gary Hale, Vinton County
Bob McClain, Whiteoak
Brig Mitten, Southeastern
Jeff "Squeak" Naylor, Eastern Brown - 47 years

Class of 2020
Judy Cook, Westfall, (Scorekeeper) 40 years
Lou Horvath, Albany/Ohio University, (Announcer at Convo & Alexander HS) 20+ years
Jeremy Ward, Southeastern, (Volunteer) 21 years
Tina Wilcoxon, Chesapeake, (Track Announcer) 26 years

Class of 2019
Mike Werry, Belpre, (Timer) 35 Years
Roger Rader, Wellston, (Scorer), 30 years

Class of 2018
Michele Gorby, Fairland, (Scorer) 36 years
Brenda Johnson, Southern, (Ticket Taker, Volunteer) 20 years

Class of 2017
Ernie Buts, North Adams, (Scorer), 22 years
Roger Hosler, Logan, (Ticket Seller), 35 years
Dick Woolison, Ohio University, (Timer at Convo), 50 years
Steve Thomas, Ohio University, (Timer at Convo ), 35 years
Randy Dillinger, Alexander, (Scorer at Convo), 35 year

Class of 2016
Craig Haney, Dawson Bryant, (Announcer), 20 years
Becky Zimmerman, Fairland, (Ticket Taker), 37 years
Carl Wooten, Jackson, (Chain Crew, Scorer), 37 years/27 years
Randy Sizemore, Wellston (Timer), 28 years
William “Bill” Shope, Sciotoville Community, (Volunteer), 25 years
Tom Purtell, Leesburg Fairfield, (Scorer), 35 years
Jerry Collins, Logan Elm, (Chain Crew), 55 years

Class of 2015
Harold “Buzz” Fisher, Oak Hill, (Volunteer/Stats), 35 years
Dan Cryder, Zane Trace, (Scorekeeper), 20 years
Bill Fetters, Zane Trace, (Announcer), 34 years
David Zeigler, Zane Trace, (Timer), 24 years
Susie Munion, Sciotoville Community, (Volunteer/Ticket Taker), 20 years
Mary Kay West, Washington Court House (Volunteer/Photographer), 50 years

Class of 2014
Dave Tawney, Gallia Academy, (Film/Video), 50 years
Alex Mace, Unioto/Westfall/SEDAB (School and Board Volunteer/Manager/Assigner), 20+ years
Robin Wade, Southeastern, (Scorekeeper/Volunteer), 32 years

Class of 2013
Joanne Benner, Zane Trace, (Volunteer Ticket Seller/Taker), 40 years
Glenn “Shorty” Hinton, Zane Trace, (Volunteer), 30 years

Class of 2012
Rick McKnight, Ironton, (Announcer), 21 years
Terry Britton, Hillsboro, (Chain Crew), 24 years
Tom Pennington, Hillsboro, (Chain Crew), 22 years
Fred Ruth, Warren, (Announcer), 20 years

Class of 2011
Tom Day, Chillicothe, (Announcer), 21 years
Larry Maynard, Ports. West, (Scorer), 28 years
Ron Jackson, Minford, (Scorer/Timer), 30 years
Jim Gilbert, Minford, (Timer), 47 years
Jon Wickline, New Boston, (Announcer), 34 years
Rick Bond, Northwest, (Timer), 25 years 
James Kline, Ironton St Joseph, (Announcer), 23 years  

Class of 2010
Dr. Gerald Vallee, Gallia Academy HS, (Team Physician), 41 years
Odie O’Donnell, Gallia Academy HS, (Scorekeeper & Announcer), 50 years/40 years
Toby Helton, Waverly HS, (Chain Crew), 33 years
Tim “Bull” Durham, Waverly HS, (Chain Crew), 33 years
Larry Huffman, Warren HS, (Timer), 22 years

Secretary’s footnote:
While all honorees are dedicated to their respective school’s athletic program, a special note regarding Dr. Gerald Vallee’s service is warranted.  During his 41 years as team physician for the varsity boys’ basketball team, Dr. Vallee has never missed a home or away Blue Devils’ game.  It’s 888 in a row and still counting.  He even left his daughter’s wedding rehearsal early to get to a game on time.

Class of 2009
Mike Null, Symmes Valley HS, (Timer), 32 years
Bill Riley, Chillicothe HS, (Announcer), 27 years
Greg Kroft, Marietta HS, (Announcer), 22 years
Bill Bonar, Marietta HS, (Timer), 23 years
Galen Neal, Hillsboro HS, (Scorer), 45 years
Ralph Hutchinson, Minford HS, (Scorer), 49 years
Jesse Mount, Lynchburg-Clay HS, (Scorer), 61 years
Pat Gibson, Athens HS, (Scorer), 31 years
John Mitchem, Warren HS, (Scorer), 25 years
Larry Baumgard, Warren HS, (Timer), 21 years
Jim Soulsby, Meigs HS, (Announcer), 30 years
Jerry Hawk, Vinton County HS, (Timer/Scorer), 25 years
Karen Yeager, McClain HS, (Scorer), 30 years
Larry McKenzie, Sheridan HS, (Scorer), 25 years
Oran Adams, Waterford HS, (Scorer), 55 years
Robert “Moon” Mullins, Portsmouth West HS, (Announcer), 23 years

Secretary’s footnote:  
All Friend of Youth plaques were presented at different games at the district basketball tournament at the Convo, most in front of the recipient’s fans.  Each recipient received a wonderful ovation for their years of service.  If you total the years of service for the 16 recipients, it totals 514 years!   Some other interesting facts surfaced as well.  Many of the awardees covered multiple sports, doing two or three sports each year.  Jesse Mount, the longest serving selectee (61 yrs.), also drove the team bus for 44 years.  Ralph Hutchinson served on the school board for 24 years and umpired Little League baseball for 42 years.  Jim Soulsby sings the National Anthem at all home games.   Several were teachers (Yeager & Adams), others led booster clubs (Riley, Hawk, Neal, & Null).  Oh yes, the “Moon” nickname was for moonshine of which he apparently sampled from time to time.  Frankly, the Board was humbled by the dedication of these fine folks who are the essence of the volunteer spirit found in no doubt every high school in the state.  We were in awe of their commitment to our youth and stand indebted to them.