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Friend of Athletics Recipients

Congratulations to the Dale E. Creamer 2022 Friend of Athletics Recipients


In 2013, the members of the Southwest District Athletics Board initiated an award entitled Friend of Athletics Award.  The objective of the award is to honor those individuals who have given much to their local school athletic programs.  Nominations are taken annually during the months of December.  School personnel can nominate, and the board chooses recipients.  Criteria is that the nominee must have given twenty-five (25) or more years of service.  Since 2013 seventy-eight (78) individuals have been honored.  This year we honor six individuals.  These individuals have demonstrated what volunteerism is all about.  They know that talk is cheap, but people can be measured by their works.  Congratulations to our recipients!


 Mr. Bob Ashby

Nominated by:  Scott Kaufman
Athletic Administrator
Lakota West High School

Gaylen Bob has been involved in many capacities in the Lakota Community.  He has been an elementary teachers in the Lakota school system for 26 years.  He served as a volunteer assistant to Lakot West Sports Information Department for 7 years.  He has been a statistician for the Girls Soccer program for 10 years until the East/West split in 1997.  He collaborated to create a scorebood stumper contest at half-time of the Girls Soccer games for 10 seasons.  He has been an announcer for soccer games.  He has kept stats for Girls Basketball and Softball.  He serves as a consultatnt to the Lakota West School District and was on the District Hall of Fame Committee.  In addition he has served as Treasurer and President of the Booster's Club.  


 Mr. James Brashear

Nominated by:  Mr. Eric Silverman
Athletic Administrator
Monroe High School

Jamie is a fixture at Monroe High School!  Jamie moved to Monroe in 1988 as a freshman and became a member of the Sport Medicine Program for Athletic Training.  He continued this throughout high school spending many hours dedicated to the athletic program.  He continues to volunteer at Friday Night Football games on the sidelines or concessions.  He has been a scoreboard operator since 1998 for Football, Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Baseball, and Softball.  He was inducted into the Monroe Athletic Hall of Achievement in recognition of his nearly 30 years of service to athletics!

 Mr. Jim King

Nominated by:  Mr. Gavin Spitler
Athletic Administrator
Newton High School

Mr. King has served the Newton Community since 1995.  He has served as a volunteer elementary basketball coach from the late 1990's to early 2000's.  He has served 18 years as the scoreboard operator for Soccer, Baseball, and Softball.  In addition, he serves on the Newton Athletics Hall of Fame Committee.

 Mr. Brian Miller
Nominated by:  Mr. Gavin Spitler
Athletic Administrator
Newton High School

Brian has served the Newton Community in so many capacities!  He has served as volunteer coaching in Cross Country, Track, and Elementary Basketball.  He keeps the scorebook for Junior High and High School Basketball, announces for high school boys/girls Soccer, Basketball, Track, Baseball and Softball.  He has been one of the main contributors of bringing back Cross Country and Track.  Brian has also served on Newton's Athletic Hall of Fame Committee and School Board.


Tim & Peg Summers
Nominated by:  Mr. Scott Broerman
Athletic Administrator
Versailles High School

Tim and Peg are staples in the Versailles Community and continue to help the Athletic Department to this day!  Tim was Athletic Manager and teacher in 1978 and did this job for approximately 32 years.  Assistant Athletic Director for 24 years.  He retired from elementary teaching in 2013 and continues to sub.
Peg is a Versailles alum (Class of 1977).  She kept the JV and Varsity basketball books in grades 7-12 (1971-1977) and started back in 1985 and continues to do so (37 years, 43 years total).




Since the inception of this award in 2013, the following individuals have been honored as Friends of Athletics Recipients who have given twenty-five years or more of service to their high school:

2022 Recipients

Mr. Bob Ashby, Lakota West High School; Mr. Jamie Brashear, Monroe High School; Mr. Jim King, Newton High School; Mr. Brian Miller, Newton High School; Tim and Peg Summers, Versailles High School.

2020 Recipients
Mr. Gaylen Blosser, Franklin Monroe High School; Mr. Jim Cloran, Madeira High School; Mr. Kenneth Cooper, Bishop Fenwick High School; Ms. Patty Garlough, Bethel High School; Mike Midlam, Western Brown High School; Charles McMillan, East Clinton High School; Mr. Michael Pope, Williamsburg High School; Ms. Carol Schuh, Versailles High School; Mr. Mike Schuh, Versailles High School; Mr. Donny VanHoose, Graham High School; Mr. Jerry Vianelo, Mariemont High School; Mr. Kevin Walriven, New Richmond High School.  

2019 Recipients
Mr. Bob Baechtold, Mr. Ed Bailey, Mr. Joe Cline, Piqua; Mr. Tom Devers, Northeastern High School; Mr. Bob Greenewalt, Mr. Don Hoog, Valley View High School; Mr. Frank Kozarec, Valley View High School; Ms. Sharon Peters, Jackson Center High School; Mr. Paul Sheckels, Mr. Jeff Tarvin, Western Brown High School.

2018 Recipients
Mr. Dave Askins, Brookville High School; Mr. Bill Baumann, Colerain High School; Ms. Betty Berkshire, Tecumseh HS; Mr. Jim Miller, Middletown Christian High School; Mr. Dave Krebs, Bishop Fenwick High School; Mr. Gene Morris, Arcanum High School; Mr. Bob Pugh, Bellbrook High School; Mr. Jim Pugh, Bellbrook High School; Ms. Betty Roller, Tecumseh High School; Ms. Jill Roller, Tecumseh High School; Mr. Joe Steele, Goshen High School; Mr. Jerry Valentine, Tecumseh High School.

2017 Recipients
Mr. Guy Bainum, Williamsburg High School; Mr. Robert "Bo" Bemmes, Reading High School; Mr. Rick Bemmes, Reading High School; Mr. Steve Berryhill, Bellbrook High School; Mr. Joe Huff, Ripley-Union Lewis High School; Mr. Jim Leathlety, Tecumseh High School; Mr. Tom Leeds, Monroe High School; Ms. Joan Martin, Reading High School; Mr. Mike Melvin, Urbana High School; Mr. Richard Morgan, Reading High School; Mr. Mark Richardson, Brookville High School; Mr. Wayne Russell, Mechanicsburg High School; Ms. Debbie Simpson, Mason High School; Mr. John Slusher, Reading High School; Mr. John Smith, Mechanicsburg High School; Mr. Chas Veddern, Reading High School; Mr. Tom Weaver, National Trail High School; Mr. Bill Westfall, Mechanicsburg High School; Mr. Jim  Westfall, Mechanicsburg High School; Judge Roger Wilson, Urbana High School.

2016 Recipients
Mr. Al Evans, Kenton Ridge High School; Mr. Rick Little, East Clinton High School; Mr. Marv Mason, Brookville High School; Mr. Jeff McCulla, Graham High School; Ms. Arlene Poppe, Mount Healthy High School; Mr. Ed Strelau, Madeira High School; Mrs. Bev Strelau, Madeira High School Mr. Fred Stemmler, Mason High School; Mr. Virgil Studebaker, Tecumseh High School; Mr. Randy Winkler, Carlisle High School.

2015 Recipients
Mr. John Borchers, Tippecanoe High School; Mr. Randy Conover, Northeastern High School; Mr. Roger Hoover, Brookville High School; Mr. Gary Rinehart, Wilmington High School; Mr. Ralph Singinger, Georgetown High School; Mr. Earl Smith, Eaton High School.

2014 Recipients
Mr. Dave Ashby, Dayton City Schools; Mr. John Birkhimer, Urbana High School; Mr. Bill Booker, Greenville High School; Mr. Larry Fuller, LaSalle High School; Mr. Harold Grice, Mason High School; Mr. Gerald Gunning, Turpin High School; Mr. Paul Harper, Northmont High School; Mr. Dave Hawkins, New Richmond High School; Mr. Frank Long, Fenwick High School; Mr. Lowell Petry, Brookville High School; Mr. Joe Scherrer, Madeira High School.

2013 Recipients
Mr. Hansel Bailey, Felicity Franklin High School; Dr. Mike Barrow, Northmont High School; Mr. Shaun Brewer, Xenia High School; Mr. Jack Flaherty, Mason High School; Mr. Jim Neu, Western Brown High School; Ms. Jane Koykendall, Madeira High School; Mr. Don Skelton, Centerville High School; Mr. Ben Wolfe, Covington High School.