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Meeting Minutes

SWDAB Minutes 2019-2020

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Southwest District Athletic Board
Minutes, November 4, 2020
Virtual Meeting

Roll Call
President Tim Cook, Vice-President Jonas Smith,  Andy Bixler, Doug Foote, Scott Kaufman,  John Kronour, Matt Macy, Paul Stone, Jan Wilking, Ray Spicher, Secretary.  

Executive Director Doug Ute
Thanked the group for their work.  There has not been discussion of shutting down winter sports from the Governor's office.

Moved by Kronour and seconded by Kaufman to approve minutes from October, 2020 meeting.
     Motion passed 9-0. 

Secretary Report – Ray Spicher

  1.   District soccer review.  All went well.  Income was nearly normal.
  2.   District volleyball review.  All went well.  Make sure officials do not work games where a conflict may occur in the future.  
  3.   District golf review.  Miami Valley Golf Association is willing to take over Turtle Creek from Dave Gray.
  4.   Tennis.  All went well.  Why does ATP charge the SWDAB and not the OHSAA?
  5.   Cross country was highly successful.  Pay attention to communication at Cedarville next year.  Too many schools did not show up for the seed meeting.
  6. Sectional basketball dates and sites.  Ray Spicher will contact Bill Stewart to check on Hamilton's availability for basketball.  Cheryl Brandenburg will send the brackets to the managers to get dates and times set.  District sites.  Question sectional sites for interest in hosting.
  7. Swimming questions.  Counties have  set of specific rules for pools.  Probably no spectators will be allowed.  Ward Billhimer would like to participate in a virtual meeting.  Ray Spicher will send an email to Ward, Jonas Smith, and Jan wilking.
  8. Wrestling questions.  Tabled.  Ray Spicher will send an email to Jeff Weiderhold, Tim Cook and Jonas Smith to participate in a virtual meeting.

Old Business

Secretary position interviews.  Phone interviews will take place on Monday, November 9.  The Board will interview two finalists at Lakota West on Thursday, November 12.

Treasurer Report
Soccer revenue seemed to be fairly normal.  All financial reports are in and paid.  Revenue vs. Expenses good.  Jan Wilking will have a financial report for the next meeting.

OHSAA Update - None.

Next Meeting - TBD

Adjournment.  John Kronour / Jonas Smith.  Unanimous