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Scholarship Winners

Southeast District Scholarship Winners

OHSAA Scholarship Information

2007 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Tiffany Bryant, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 3.82 GPA, volleyball, basketball, softball Megan Edwards (#), Nelsonville-York, 4.0 GPA, volleyball, basketball, track and field, softball
Carol Fahmy (*), Gallipolis Gallia Academy, 4.0 GPA, cross country, track and field
Ben Fondale, New Lexington, 3.98 GPA, wrestling, track and field, football
Justin Shiflett, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 4.0 GPA, baseball, football, basketball, bowling
Kurt Shipley (#), Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 4.0 GPA, football, basketball, baseball
Erin Weber, Reedsville Eastern, 4.0 GPA, basketball, track and field, volleyball

2008 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients

2009 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Caleb Blackburn, Ironton St. Joseph Central, 4.0 GPA, baseball, soccer, basketball
Cecil Bolin, Pomeroy Meigs, 3.9 GPA, football, basketball, baseball
Syd Schulz, Athens, 4.0 GPA, cross country, track and field
Erin Sherman (*), South Webster, 3.96 GPA, volleyball, basketball
Brittany Thomas, Washington Court House, 3.42 GPA, volleyball, basketball, track and field
Ali Thompson, Franklin Furnace Green, 4.0 GPA, volleyball, basketball, softball
Brett Wycinski (*), New Lexington, 3.98 GPA, football, basketball, baseball

2010 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Rachel Appleton (#), Notre Dame, 4.0 GPA, swimming & diving, cross country, tennis, basketball, track & field
Alyvia Clark, Circleville Logan Elm, 4.0 GPA, volleyball, basketball, track & field
Adam Fondale (#), New Lexington, 3.98 GPA, wrestling, football, baseball
Eric Frantz, Northwest, 4.0 GPA, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, track & field, golf
Nicolas Kemper, Wheelersburg, 4.0 GPA, football, baseball, basketball
Katherine Knapp, Wheelersburg, 4.0 GPA, tennis, basketball, volleyball, track
Sarah Robles (*), The Plains Athens, 4.0 GPA, tennis, swimming & diving

2011 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Travis Elliott (*), Ironton, 3.8 GPA, football, basketball, baseball, track & field
Julie Els, Albany Alexander, 3.83 GPA, volleyball, basketball, track & field
Molly Knapp (#), Wheelersburg, 4.0 GPA, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis
Harrison Martin, Waverly, 4.0 GPA, soccer, basketball, baseball
Drew Parsley, Wheelersburg, 3.8 GPA, football, basketball, baseball
Connor Scott (#), South Webster, 4.0 GPA, soccer, basketball, track & field
Rachel Staker, Beaver Eastern, 3.75 GPA, volleyball, basketball, softball

2012 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipeients
Taylor Hale (Oak Hill) # ‐ Ranked first in her class … 4.0 GPA … seven varsity letters (basketball and volleyball) … plans to attend either The Ohio State University or Ohio Dominican University and study nursing.  
Timothy Grosel (Marietta) # ‐ Ranked first in his class … 4.0 GPA … nine varsity letters (soccer, basketball, and baseball) … will attend Duke University and study biology.
Meelim Lee (Athens) * ‐ 3.98 GPA … four varsity letters (tennis) … will attend Stanford University and study bio-engineering.  
Paige Grosel (Marietta) ‐ Ranked first in her class … 4.0 GPA … nine varsity letters (soccer, track & field and basketball) … will attend The Ohio State University and study accounting.  
Brett Hood (Wheelersburg) ‐ 3.57 GPA … 10 varsity letters (football, basketball, and baseball) … will attend Shawnee State University and study biology/pre‐medicine.  
Austin Loop (South Webster) ‐ 3.91 GPA … nine varsity letters (football, basketball, soccer, baseball) … undecided college choice … plans to study physical therapy.  
Heather Ward (Gallipolis Gallia Academy) ‐ 4.0 GPA … eight varsity letters (basketball, volleyball, and softball) … will attend the University of Cincinnati and major in dentistry. 

2013 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
John Archambault (South Point)
Rhyanna Day (Beaver Eastern)
Seth Goddard (South Webster)
Jenny Grigsby ( Frankfort Adena)
Miranda Melvin (Oak Hill)
Jean Paul White (Waverly)
Raine Wireman (Fairland)

2014 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients   
Leanna Adkins (Oak Hill High School) – OHSAA Scholarship
Nathan Arnett (Lucasville Valley High School) – OHSAA Scholarship
Rui-Rui Li (Athens High School) – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholarship
Kendra Lynch (Vincent Warren High School) – OHSAA Scholarship
Dylan Miller (Wheelersburg High School) – OHSAA Spirit of Sport
Madison Rigsby (Reedsville Eastern High School) – OHSAA Scholarship.

2015 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Austin May, Wheelersburg – OHSAA Spirit of Sport
Meagan Pierron, Portsmouth Notre Dame – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Nathan Campbell, Proctorville Fairland – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete
Tristen Wolfe, Racine Southern – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Kaitlin Evans, Leesburg Fairfield – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Trey Moberly, Hillsboro – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete

2016 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Andrew Wolford, Lucasville Valley – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Wesley Stephens, Chesapeake – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Taylor Perry, Proctorville Fairland – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Sue-Yeon Ryu, The Plains Athens – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete

2017 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Taylor Doerr, Wheelersburg – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Laura Pullins, Reedsville Eastern – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Hagen Schaeffer, Portsmouth Notre Dame – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete 
Chris Tatlonghari, South Point – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete
Alek Blevins, South Webster - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Emma Hoellrich, Lancaster Fairfield Union - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Makayla Akers, Wheelersburg - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Miles Cornwell, Gallipolis Gallia Academy - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Avery DeLong, Circleville - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Jett Facemyer, Reedsville Eastern - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Jordan Fick, Nelsonville-York - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Cole Gilliland, Portsmouth Clay - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Hannah Grosel, Marietta - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Jakob Helton, South Point - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
T.J. Hoggard, Portsmouth West - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
William Hoover, Waverly - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Jacob Issac, Ironton - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Nathan Lowe, Portsmouth Sciotoville Community - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Cade Marquez, Waverly – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Makalia Mitten, Chillicothe Southeastern - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Nathan Riehl, Lucasville Valley - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Hope Tira, Hillsboro - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Alexis Waits, Lynchburg-Clay - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Mary Watts, Gallipolis Gallia Academy - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Caitlin Young, Seaman North Adams - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete 

2018 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Matthew Mangus, Leesburg Fairfield – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Ellie Ruby, Wheelersburg – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Matthew Seas, Peebles – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Martin Benencia Courreges, The Plains Athens – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete
Peter Buckley, The Plains Athens - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Camryn Chandler, Piketon - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Jessica Cook, Reedsville Eastern - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Sidney Fick, Nelsonville-York - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Cecil Fletcher, Chesapeake - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Avery Harper, Seaman North Adams - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Abby Howard, Albany Alexander - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Clayton Howell, Waverly - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Nicholas Kudlapur, Logan - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Garrett Maiden, Nelsonville-York - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Keifer Mosmeier, Circleville Logan Elm - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Michael Norris, Albany Alexander - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Katie Osburn, Belpre - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Tojzae Reams, Belpre - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Seth Russell, New Lexington - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Alexandria Smith, Portsmouth Notre Dame - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Bailey Sprague, Belpre - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Christopher Staten, Proctorville Fairland - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Shelby Ward, Circleville Logan Elm - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Bailey Ward, Oak Hill - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Brooke Webb, Chesapeake - SEODAB Scholar-Athlete

2019 OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Recipients
Evan Dahm, Wheelersburg – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Brandtson Duffie, Fairfield – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Jensen Warnock, Portsmouth Clay – OHSAA Scholar-Athlete
Meliah Johnson, Chillicothe – OHSAA Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete 
Cameryn Alexander, Piketon – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Connor Campbell, West Union – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Emma Conrad, Thornville Sheridan – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Elias Dresbach, Chillicothe Southeastern – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Hunter Gilbert, Belpre – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Sophia Hagans, Wheelersburg – SEODAB Roger Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Nathan Harmon, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant – SEODAB James Mains Memorial Scholarship
Clara Hash, Portsmouth Notre Dame – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Samuel Holstein, South Webster – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Matt Humphreys, Jackson – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Sydnie Jenkins, McDermott Northwest – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Tanner Kimbler, Franklin Furnace Green – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Joel Lambiotte, Leesburg Fairfield – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Luke Lindamood, Minford – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Cobe Marquez, Waverly – SEODAB Ethnic Minority Scholar-Athlete
Justin McClelland, Gallipolis Gallia Academy – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Sydney Mullins, Wellston – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Kylie Sims, Peebles – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Lyndee Spargur, Leesburg Fairfield – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Peyten Stephens, Waterford – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Sylvie Wilson, The Plains Athens – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete
Denise Young, Waterford – SEODAB Scholar-Athlete