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2023 Spirit Information

2021 Spirit State Championship

In partnership with Varsity Brands, the OHSAA is excited to announce the first annual Spirit State Championship.  This event will culminate on December 11, 2021, at a location to be determined.  More information will be forthcoming soon, for any questions in the meantime please contact [email protected].
While the OHSAA has not sanctioned the sport of cheerleading, we are welcoming this as a unique opportunity to recognize and promote sideline spirit.  The OHSAA continues to encourage participation in the OASSA Cheer and Dance Regional and State Championships.
With this OHSAA Spirit State Championship opportunity for students participating in spirit activities during interscholastic events, the OHSAA continues to emphasize the utilization of the NFHS Spirit Rules to serve as the state-wide guidelines for spirit participants.   This nationally developed set of safety rules, which is used by State Associations across the country, provides spirit coaches and athletes with clear and consistent rules.   
The OHSAA partnership with Varsity Spirit has allowed the creation of a platform of consistent support for spirit teams seeking guidance on student safety and NFHS Spirit Rules.  Recognizing that some teams may want to transition from non-stunting to stunting squads, we encourage coaches and athletes to utilize proper stunting progressions.   For more information or help on progressions, please send a message to the spirit email address: [email protected].
While specific “non-stunting” divisions will NOT be offered, the Spirit State Championships, by design, will focus on a team’s leadership and crowd-effectiveness as opposed to difficulty or individual technical skills.   To guide teams on Game Day practicality, the following skill restrictions are in place for the contest and can be a guide for teams beginning to stunt:  
- No basket, sponge or elevator tosses allowed 
- No inversions
- No twisting release dismounts from stunts
- Single leg extended stunts are limited to liberties and liberty hitches
- No running tumbling
- Standing tumbling is limited to one tumbling skill at a time.   A back tuck is the most elite standing tumbling skill allowed.  
Thank you to all schools that participate in this historic event, which will not only provide a unique and fun experience for sideline leaders but will also positively impact spirit in schools.