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Purchase tickets for selected OHSAA tournament games at www.ohsaa.org/tickets

Inside the OHSAA Fan Guide

The OHSAA Fan Guide provides fans with a resource of detailed information regarding state tournaments in our 26 varsity sports. The Fan Guide has eight categories, each containing information relevant to a state tournament. Whether you're looking to buy tickets to an event, stay overnight, dine in the area or purchase team or game memorabilia, the OHSAA Fan Guide has it covered.

The directions page lists every regional and state tournament hosting site. With each site is a link to their website, providing information on traveling to the event. Once you're at the event, the hotels page provides information on staying with one of OHSAA's sponsor hotels. Links to each hotel's website along with their address is listed. In addition to staying near a state championship, dining options near The Ohio State University, Nationwide Arena and Huntington Park are provided on the restaurants page.

The tickets page is a comprehensive guide to ticket prices for OHSAA tournament games. You can also search for available tickets. The gear page provides you with the opportunity to purchase OHSAA or state champion team apparel. Personalization is possible through clicking the customize option when selecting a piece of apparel.

Purchasing a program from the OHSAA is possible for any sport from current and some past years on the programs page. Prices and program covers for the current school year are listed, as well as contact information for purchase requests. You can also stay informed by watching past state tournament games by purchasing DVDs. Purchase requests and available DVDs are listed. Finally, if you're looking to capture a specific moment from a state tournament, the photos page connects you to state tournament photo galleries to find any shot you're looking for!

Respect the Game

Check out the OHSAA Respect the Game page for information and resources for coaches, student-athletes, fans and more!