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Uniform Regulations - Cross Country and Track & Field

In order to clarify the uniform requirements for Cross Country, the following excerpts from the rules are printed along with clarifying situations. It is the responsibility of the coach to require that participating athletes are dressed according to rule.

I) Rule 4-3
Art. 1 Uniforms must be worn as intended by the manufacturer and must be school issued or school approved. The waistband of a competitor’s shorts shall be worn above the hips. There shall be no midriff. Each competitor’s uniform shall meet the following requirements and restrictions:

  1. Shoes Each competitor shall wear shoes on both feet

    1. The shoes shall have an upper and recognizable sole and heel;

    2. The upper part of the shoe must be designed so that it can be fastened securely to the foot;

    3. The sole and heal may contain grooves, ridges, or track spikes which are no longer than 1inch.

    4. The use of slippers or socks does not meet the requirements of the rule.

  2. Full-length Cross Country top and bottom or one-piece uniform must be issued and/or approved by the school. Any outer garment (e.g. t-shirts, sweatpants, tights) that is school-issued or school-approved becomes the official uniform when worn. Thus, as the school uniform, all members of a cross country team would be required to wear the same. Example: one member of the Cross Country team intends to wear his/her school- issued sweatshirt. Result: ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST WEAR THEIR SCHOOL- ISSUED SWEATSHIRT

    1. Bottoms may vary in length and style but must be the same color for all team members;

    2. Loose-fitting, boxer-type bottoms, or compression style bottoms are permitted for boys and girls. Closed leg briefs are acceptable for girls. French or high-cut apparel shall not be worn in lieu of the uniform bottom. The waistband of the competitor’s bottom shall be worn above the hips.

    3. The one-piece uniform or top and bottom of a two-piece uniform may have the school identification(name), school logo, school nickname and/or the competitor’s name .

    4. The top shall not be knotted or have a knot-like protrusion; Bare midriff tops are not permitted. According to OHSAA regulations in tournament competition, the top must be tucked into the waistband of the uniform bottom when the competitor is standing upright.

    5. A single manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference, no more than 2 1⁄4 square inches with no dimension more than 2 1⁄4 inches, is permitted on each top and bottom or one-piece uniform. Bottoms may have manufacturer’s logo/trademark/references larger than 2 ¼ square inches around the waistband.

      Note: The uniform bottoms may have one manufacturer logo that complies with the logo specifications of 2 ¼ square inches in addition to any logos on the waistband.


    6. The American flag, not exceeding 2 X 3 inches, is permitted on each item of the uniform apparel, and EITHER a commemorative OR memorial patch not to exceed 4 square inches may be worn on the uniform top;

    7. Any visible shirt(s) worn under the top and other visible apparel worn under the bottom are now considered foundation garments. Foundation garments are not subject to logo/trademark/reference or color restrictions. Visible items worn under both the top and the bottom do not have to be the same color; a visible garment worn under the uniform top or bottom displaying contrasting stitching to the single, solid color of the undergarment and functions as the actual seam for the undergarment construction is legal;

    8. Each team member shall wear the same color and design school uniform. Any relay or cross country team member must wear uniforms clearly indicating, through predominant color, school logo, and color combination of all outer garments worn as a uniform, that members are from the same team. Striping on one uniform requires similar color striping on all team member uniforms.

    9. Uniform numbers on the back of the uniform top are no longer required. Team members MAY OR MAY NOT have numbers. There is NO VIOLATION if some team members have uniform numbers while others do not.

II) Rule 8-3-3  Each competitor shall wear the assigned contestant number and/or computerized transponder/ chips during competition. Penalty: disqualification from the race. 

III) Rule 4-3-3  Removing any part of the uniform (excluding shoes) in an area of competition is illegal. Penalty: warning for the first offense and disqualification for the second offense.