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Uniform Regulations - Boys Lacrosse

2017 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule 1-9

Art. 1 . . . Mandatory equipment. Each player shall wear the following pieces of equipment which shall be professionally manufactured and not altered:

  1. A protective helmet, designed for lacrosse, which met the NOCSAE test at the time of the manufacture and has a visible, exterior warning label regarding the risk of injury. Both the chin pad and chin strap shall be firmly attached to the mask as designed. All helmet decals and external markings shall be school issues. All players of a team shall wear helmets of the same color or colors.
  2. A face mask with a center bar from top to bottom and the lateral (horizontal) openings shall not exceed 1 ½ inches. No foreign material may extend below the base of the helmet.
  3. While participating, each player shall properly wear a professionally manufactured (not altered) tooth and mouth protector (intraoral) which shall:
  1. Include an occlusal (protecting and separating the biting surfaces) portion;
  2. Include a labial (protecting the teeth and supporting structures) portion;
  3. Cover the posterior teeth with adequate thickness;
  4. Be made of any readily visible color;
  5. Not be completely white; and
  6. Not be completely clear.

It is recommended that the protector be properly-fitted, protecting the anterior (leading) dental arch and:

  1. Be constructed from a model made from an impression of the individual’s teeth, or
  2. Be constructed and fitted to the individual by impressing the teeth into the tooth and mouth protector itself.

Note: The phrase “leading dental arch” refers to over-bite/under-bite and the tooth and mouth protector should protect the “leading dental arch.” A player who has an over-bite should wear a tooth and mouth protector on his upper teeth and a player who has an under-bite should wear one on his lower teeth.

  1. Protective gloves.
  2. Shoulder pads (optional for goalkeeper).
  3. Shoes shall be made of a material which covers the foot (canvas, leather or synthetic) attached to a firm sole of leather, rubber or composition material which may have cleats or which may be cleatless, Among the items which do not meet these requirements are gymnastics slippers, tennis shoes cut so protection is reduced, ski and logger boots and other apparel not intended for lacrosse use:
  1. Removable cleats shall conform to the follow specifications:
  1. Constructed of a material which does not chip or develop a cutting edge. Legal material includes leather, nylon, certain plastics and rubber. Cleats may be tipped with low carbon steel of 1006 material, case-hardened to .005-.008 depth and drawn to Rockwell hardness of approximately C55; the use of aluminum or ceramics is not permissible.
  2. The base and the tip of the cleat shall be parallel. The free end may be rounded in an arc with a radius of not less than 7/16 inch provided the overall length is not more than ½ inch measured from the top of the cleat to the shoe. The cleat may be attached to a raised platform which is molded to the shoe. The platform may be no more than 5/32 inch in height and shall be wider than the base of the cleat. The widest part of the cleat shall be in direct contact with the platform.

The 5/32-inch raised platform shall be wider than we base of the cleat and shall extend across the width of the sole to within ¼ inch or less of the outer edges of the sole. A single toe cleat does not require a raised platform that extends across the width of the sole. The raised platform of the toe cleat is limited to 5/32 inch or less.

The 5/32-inch platform is measured from the lowest part of the shoe’s sole.

  1. An effective locking device which prevents the exposure of the metal posts shall be incorporated.
  2. The cleat wall shall be at least 3/16 inch in diameter.
  3. The sides of the cleat shall taper uniformly from a minimum base of ¾ inch in diameter to a minimum tip of 3/16 inch in diameter.
  1. Nonremovable cleats are limited to studs or projections which do not exceed ½ inch in length and which are made with nonabrasive rubber or rubber-type synthetic material which does not have and will not have develop a cutting edge.
  1. Jerseys shall be of a single, solid color with the following trim specifications permitted:
  1. Collar, cuffs and waistband may be of contrasting colors, but not more than 2 inches wide.
  2. Side inserts may be of contrasting color(s), but no more than 3 inches wide, and extending vertically no more than the armpit to waistband.
  3. Numbers shall be centered vertically and horizontally and at least 8 inches tall on the front and at least 12 inches tall on the back.
  4. Numbers may contain contrasting color trim(s) not to exceed 2 inches (the number shall contrast with the body of the jersey).
  5. The jersey shall completely cover the shoulder pads.
  6. Duplicate numbers on jerseys shall not be permitted on the same team. Legal numbers are 0-99.

Note: Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, double-zero, 01, 02, 03, etc. are not legal numbers.

  1. Contrasting colored piping not to exceed 1/8-inch wide is allowed.
  2. Jerseys shall be of contrasting colors for opposing teams. The home team shall wear light jerseys and the visiting team shall wear its dark colored jerseys. The visiting team is responsible for avoidance of similarity of colors, but, if there is doubt, the referee may require the home team to change jerseys.
  1. Uniforms shorts: All players on the same team shall wear uniform shorts of the same dominate color.
  2. A visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark may not exceed 2 ¼ square inches and 2 ¼ inches in any direction on the jersey and/or pant/short. No more than one manufacturer’s logo/trademark or reference on the outside of each item. (The same size restriction shall apply to either the manufacturer’s logo/trademark or reference).

Note: One American flag, not to exceed 2 inches by 3 inches, may be worn or occupy space on each item of uniform apparel. By state association adoption, to allow for special occasions, commemorative or memorial patches, not to exceed 4 square inches, may be worn on the uniform without compromising its integrity.

  1. Arm pads (optional for goalkeeper).
  2. Goalkeepers shall wear:
  1. Throat protector designed for lacrosse.
  2. Chest protector.
  • Goalkeepers may wear:
  1. Shin guards.
  2. Football pants with or without pads.

Art. 2 . . . Optional items

  1. Under-jerseys, if visible, shall:
    1. Be a solid color which is white, gray or one of the team’s official colors.
    2. Be the same color for those who choose to wear them.
    3. Be tucked into the pants if longer than belt length.
  2. Compression shorts, if visible, shall be the same color for all those team members who choose to wear them.
  3. Sweatpants may be work and if work, teammates are required to wear the same solid color.
  4. A player may wear a clear, molded and non-rigid helmet eye shield. A player may wear eye glasses, either tinted or clear. A player may not wear both a clear, molded and non-rigid helmet eye shield and tinted eye glasses.
  5. A protective cup is recommended for all players.

Art. 3 . . . Play shall be suspended immediately if a player loses any of the mandatory equipment in a scrimmage area. Otherwise, the official shall delay the whistle but not drop a flag, in the same manner as set forth in Rule 7-8.