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Uniform Regulations - Bowling

Uniforms- All participants must wear the same sleeved, bowling shirt which conforms to school/OHSAA regulations. At a minimum the shirt must have the name of the school, school nickname as identified in the OHSAA School Directory, school mascot logo, or school initials on the back. If only the school initial(s) is on the uniform, it must be prominently displayed. The name of the school or school nickname must be at least 1 inch in height. All participants must wear black pants/bottoms. No jeans or cotton sweat pants are permitted. If warmups are worn, they must be worn by the entire team and be identical in style. Girls are permitted to wear skirts and/or shorts provided the skirts/shorts are black and are no shorter than the end of the bowler’s index finger when standing. Girls uniforms may be mixed (e.g. pants, skirts and/or shorts). 
Pants shall be worn at waist level and not sag or touch the floor. Cargo, yoga pants, jeggings, leggings, zebra/zubaz, and painter pants (i.e. pants with multiple side pockets down the leg) are not permitted. Headbands, if worn, must be a solid color and bear no markings, other than the school name, or official nickname, or mascot logo. Headbands do not need to be the same color for each team member. It is not necessary for each team member to wear a headband. Hair ribbons on girls are permitted. Hats are not permitted nor are bandanas of any type. Bowling Center logos are not permitted on any part of the uniform. Manufacturer’s logos (Nike, Adidas, etc.) are permitted on uniforms, not headbands. See General Sports Regulations regarding permissibility and size of manufacturer’s and other (patriotic/memorial) logos. The OHSAA does not require a uniform to have a number. Conferences may have their own requirements but may not conflict with OHSAA uniform requirements.