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Uniform Regulations - Field Hockey

Members of each team shall be dressed uniformly except the goalkeeper.  The uniform top shall have clearly visible numbers on the front and back.  The numbers shall be of a solid color contrasting to any surrounding colors.  It is required that the numbers on the front be 3-6” in height and 6-8” on the back.  Any number from 00-99 is legal.  A team may not use both 0 and 00.  Three digit numbers and duplicate numbers on players of the same team are not permitted.  Players are permitted to wear solid color undergarments, either short-sleeved or long-sleeved.  Undergarments, if worn, shall be white for the home team, and black or dark for the visiting team.  All players on the same team who choose to wear an undergarment must wear the same color.
The following are the color requirements for the jersey/top:
  1. The home team shall wear single solid white uniform tops front and back on the torso, and the visiting team shall wear single solid black or dark-colored uniform tops front and back on the torso.  The “torso” is the portion of the top from an imaginary horizontal line at the base of the neckline extending to each armhole/sleeve, down to the bottom helm of the top and from side seam to side seam.
  2. Team names and/or abbreviations may be placed on the front or back of the jersey/top.
  3. Lettering must be placed horizontally and may be arched.  Names may also be on multiple lines.
  4. The first and last letters, either above or below the number, must be on the same horizontal plane.  When above the number, the plane may not be below a plane extending through the top of the number(s).  When below the number, the plane may not be above a plane extending through the bottom of the number(s).
  5. Any point on any letter shall not be closer than one inch to any point on any number(s).
  6. Any form of decorative accent (i.e. paw, halo, crown, star, etc.) in a name or abbreviation is only permitted above the number.  If a tail is used in the lettering of an identifying name or abbreviation, the name or abbreviation must be located below the number.
  7. There are no restrictions in the area of the jersey/top from an imaginary horizontal line at the base of the neckline extending to each armhole/sleeve, up to the shoulder seam.
  8. Different colors and/or designs may be used in this area.
Neckline and Armhole-Sleeve Trim Requirements
  1. Trim shall not exceed 1 inch around the neck and arm openings.
  2. Side inserts must be centered vertically below the armpit.
  3. The width of the side inserts, including trim, must be a maximum of 4 inches (2 inches on each side of the seam).
  4. The style/design of the side insert may be of any color or design.  Side inserts must be the same width for all team jerseys.  Commemorative/memorial patches not to exceed 4 square inches with the state association approval may be worn in this area or above the neckline
  5. An American flag may be worn anywhere on the team jersey provided it does not exceed 2x3” and does not interfere with the visibility of the number.
  6. One manufacturer’s logo/trademark or reference not to exceed 2¼ square inches in any dimension is permitted on the outside of each item.  The manufacturer’s logo/trademark restriction includes company reference.
Individual players may wear mittens/gloves and knitted hats as well as full-length, solid-colored warm up pants/tights provided the knee-length socks/sock guards are visible.  All players on the team shall wear like-colored warm up pants. Players shall not wear any other undergarment that extends below the uniform bottom.  Note; All players on a team who choose to wear them shall wear the same color compression shorts, undershirt and/or warm-up pants.  Knee-length, solid-colored socks/sock guards (not rolled down) are required for all players.  The home team shall wear white or light colored socks/sock guards and the visiting team shall wear contrasting dark-colored socks/sock guards.
The goalkeeper shall wear a uniform top of a color contrasting to the color of the uniform tops of both teams and shall have a visible number.  She shall wear field hockey goalie pads, not to exceed 12 inches in width per pad) frontal view) and goalie shoes or kickers.  Goalkeepers shall wear a full face/cage mask-helmet which covers the entire head including the back of the head (cage must be rounded at all points), chest protector specifically manufactured for field hockey worn under the shirt and field hockey goalie gloves which shall have separate fingers without webbing and shall not exceed 8 inches in width when lying flat.  It is legal for the goalkeeper to wear foam hand protectors that are no more than 9 inches wide and 14 inches in length.  Chest protectors that provide additional coverage may also be worn.  Mask helmets shall not have a hard, visor-type protrusion that extends beyond the cage.  A wrap-around style throat protector is required.  Goalkeeper shall wear a mouth protector which may be attached to the face mask/helmet.
Field players may wear a face mask provided it is made of fiberglass or plastic and is molded to face and soft headgear.
Tooth protectors for all players shall be of a readily visible color other than white or clear.
All field players shall wear eye protection which meets current ASTM standards for field hockey.