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Uniform Regulations - Golf

Coaches are responsible, along with student-athletes, for insuring compliance with uniform rules.  The head official shall require coaches to verify prior to each contest that all athletes are legally equipped, in legal uniforms and free of all jewelry.

The OHSAA General Sports Regulation #17, “Athletic Uniforms” reads: Uniforms worn by participants in a high school athletic contest must conform to the playing rules adopted by the OHSAA for that sport.  Any lettering or emblems on uniforms must pertain to the school name, school nickname, individual's name, the sport, drug use prevention, sportsmanship, ethics or integrity or be of a patriotic nature and provided it does not violate the rules of the sport in regard to location.  Any visible manufacturer's logo/trade name/reference on a uniform or undergarment must conform to the rules adopted by the national rules committee for that sport in regard to location.  However, if there is no specific rule, the maximum size is no more than 2¼ square inches in size with no dimension exceeding 2¼ inches.  NOTE:  All NFHS playing rules now permit ONE American flag (no more than 2” X 3”) to be placed on each piece of the uniform.