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Uniform Regulations - Softball

A uniform shall not have any dangerous or reflective buttons or ornaments. A pitcher shall not wear any item on the pitching hand, wrist, arm or thighs, which may, in the umpire’s judgment, be distracting to the batter.  A number of on the back of each player’s jersey is required and shall be at least 6 inches high. The number must be of solid color contrasting with the color of the shirt. The numbers may have a contrasting color border, which shall not exceed ¼ inch. No players on the same team shall wear identical numbers (0 and 00 are considered the same number). Players shall wear/utilize uniforms/equipment properly and as designed by the manufacturer.

Shoes are required equipment. All players must wear shoes with plastic, nylon, canvas, leather or similar synthetic material uppers. The soles may be smooth, have soft or hard rubber cleats or rectangular metal cleats. Metal cleats shall not extend beyond ¾ inch from the sole and shall not be round. Shoes with detachable rubber or metal cleats that screw into the sole of the shoes are permitted.

Players in the game are prohibited from wearing jewelry such as rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces (including cloth or string types) or other hard cosmetic or decorative items. Religious and medical-alert medals are not considered jewelry. A religious medal must be taped and worn under the uniform.

See the NFHS Softball Rules Book for Uniform Regulations.