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OHSAA Education Academy

June 2019 Offerings

Two courses will be offered in June 2019 that have been endorsed by Wittenberg University. Students will have the opportunity to complete additional work for graduate credit at Wittenberg.

About the OHSAA Education Academy

The OHSAA Education Academy as a Continuing Education Provider
Educators in Ohio are required by their school district to complete ongoing continuing education hours. Many involved with athletics (teacher-coaches, athletic directors, school counselors and other administrators) could be interested in fulfilling some of those hours through courses sponsored by the OHSAA as part of the OHSAA’s Education Academy.
  • Provide OHSAA-branded training and instruction for school personnel.
  • Expand the OHSAA’s philosophy of education-based athletics.
  • Create networking opportunities for Ohio coaches, as well as enhance relations and communication between the OHSAA and school personnel.
The two courses will be offered as a combination of seat time (7 hours) and a written requirement (equivalent of 3 hours) that will result in 10 hours of course work, which will result in one hour of continuing education credit (CEU). Participants request approval from the school’s local professional development committee to attend the OHSAA class for one CEU hour. The class instructor will confirm to the OHSAA which students have completed the class, which will result in a certificate of completion. The seven hours of class time will be from 9 AM to 4:30 PM with a 30 minute break for lunch on their own. The written component will be due to the instructor within seven days of the course.
Topics will be tailored to the expertise of the instructors, but subjects such as hazing, overcoming stressors, sportsmanship, performance and recreational drug use and addiction, health and wellness, leadership & role modeling for coaches and student athletes and contemporary topics in sports.