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“Officiating Basketball” Online Course Introduced by NFHS Learning Center

November 22, 2016


“Officiating Basketball” Online Course Introduced by NFHS Learning Center


INDIANAPOLIS, IN (November 21, 2016) — The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has launched its second sport-specific online officiating course with the introduction of “Officiating Basketball” through the NFHS Learning Center at www.NFHSLearn.com.
“Officiating Basketball” is intended to assist individuals in improving their officiating skills, as well as the experience of student-athletes and those around them. Included in the course are units covering fouls, screening, post play, block/charge calls, and an overview of characteristics that can improve an individual’s officiating, among other topics. Each unit concludes with a two- to three-question quiz to evaluate an individual’s understanding of the content.
“The ‘Officiating Basketball’ online course gives a summary of some of the basic skills used in basketball and how they should be officiated, in addition to what it takes to become a good high school official,” said Theresia Wynns, NFHS Director of Sports and Officials. “The course gives detailed information on each area and how to officiate that area. High school video footage is used to demonstrate each area discussed, and illustrations depict what officials should look for in certain scenarios.”
The course costs $10 for members of the NFHS Officials Association by entering a NFHS Officials Association registered email at checkout. Those who are not members of the NFHS Officials Association can purchase the course for $20.
“The NFHS Learning Center is pleased to offer ‘Officiating Basketball,’” said Dan Schuster, NFHS Director of Educational Services. “This is another step toward our commitment to providing ongoing professional development for all constituents of the interscholastic community.”
Other NFHS Learning Center officiating courses include “Interscholastic Officiating” and “Officiating Volleyball: Ball Handling.” “Officiating Volleyball” was the first sport-specific officiating course, and 175 individuals have taken the course since it was launched in September.
“We believe basketball officials will find great value in this course and a tool that helps them improve their craft,” Schuster said.


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