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2016-17 OHSAA Handbook

2016-17 OHSAA Preseason Meeting Information

OHSAA Monday Minute

InSideOut Initiative - Ohio

Learn more about the InSideOut Initiative, which is focused on transforming the culture of the high school “win-at-all-costs” mentality.

Athletic Director Report

By Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Assistant Commissioner

Referendum Voting Information

2016 OHSAA Meeting Presentations 

Safe Sport Zone

  • Is Your School a Safe Sport Zone?
  • RESPONSE PROTOCOL - Section Tournament Information
  • Emergency Action Plans: The Most Important Page of Your Playbook
    • In August of 2015 the OHSAA sent each member school with a copy of the outstanding Emergency Action Plan, "Anyone Can Save A Life," a first-of-its kind program for after school practices and events. This program has been made available to all schools in the United States through a generous grant from the Medtronic Foundation with distribution funded by the National Federation of State Associations (NFHS) Foundation. The Anyone Can Save A Life training DVD and website –www.anyonecansavealife.org – along with the guide’s implementation instructions, handouts and forms have been prepared to help train coaches, advisors, students and event staff. In addition, there is an array of resources that cover all aspects of preparing and managing an emergency response program.

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