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Ejection Report Instructions

Filing an Officials Report

Officials shall file a report with the school and the OHSAA office whenever a coach or player is ejected from an athletic contest. 

An official WILL complete the form online via myOHSAA. Please use one form per offending school. Each offending school will need its own form completed. The report shall be filed with the OHSAA within 48 hours of the ejection.

Whenever an ejection occurs, the ejecting official shall speak with the offender's principal/athletic director on site if possible, but no later than the first school day following the ejection. An official failing to follow the ejection protocol and/or failing to file the Official's Report may be penalized in accordance with Section VIII.A.5 of the OHSAA Handbook for Officials.

The "Official's Report" form is also used to report good or poor sportsmanship, severe injuries, facility problems, or equipment problems. Ejections other then players or coaches and other items of which the OHSAA should be made aware must be provided.

The reporting official will receive notification of resolution upon receipt of the reported school's reply.

To complete your Ejection Form, go to the officials portal on myOHSAA. Use your myOHSAA username and password to enter the site. Usernames and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. Once inside your account, click the Official Tab near the upper right corner of the screen. Next, select the Submit New Ejection Form option along the left side of the page. Enter the details of the report and submit your report electronically. Please select the User Guide option on the left side of the page for more details on how to complete the Ejection Form. 

Some users will need to verify their email address before they can complete the Ejection Form. To do this, log into your account from the officials portal. Next, click the link to verify your email. Follow the instructions on the new page to complete the email verification process. After you've verified your email address, you can complete the Ejection Form process as outlined above.