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Beginning Officials - Gymnastics

3. Beginning Officials - Gymnastics

Note: You must first obtain a rating from the Joint Certification Committee (JCC) of U.S.A. Gymnastics Judging Program. Applicants with a minimum rating of Level 8 and an expiration date of 2017 may proceed to step 2. 
Step 1: Take Joint Certification Exam for Women's Gymnastics with current rules - Contact a Joint Certification Test Administrator in your area to take Joint Certification Exam. Applicants must receive a minimum rating of Level 8 with an expiration date of 2017 to continue the OHSAA application process.
Step 2Complete Concussion Training - Applicants must complete a course on concussion training, prior to officiating. You can get to the link by going to this address on the OHSAA website: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/default.htm. (revised 8/9)
Step 3: Obtain an OHSAA Officiating Application   [ APPLICATION ]
Step 4: Mail OHSAA Application Form, Fee and Photocopy of JCC Rating - Mail completed application form, $65.00 application fee and a photocopy of your JCC rating card to the Officiating department, OHSAA, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, OH, 43214. Applications will be accepted from September 1 through October 31.
Step 5: Receive Officiating Permit - Applicants earning a JCC minimum rating of Level 9 will receive a Class 1 officiating permit in the mail. Applicants earning a JCC minimum rating of Level 8 will receive a Class 2 officiating permit in the mail. Allow three week for delivery. If you do not receive your permit within this time frame, contact Officiating department at the OHSAA office 614-267-2502, ext. 110 or[email protected]
Step 6: Attend State Rules Meetings - Officials are required to attend one state rules meeting each school year and complete an annual rules review to maintain their officiating permit. 
Step 7: Annual Renewal of Officiating Permit - Renew your officiating permit annually in June.