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Experienced Officials Living in a Contiguous State

4. Experienced Officials Living in a Contiguous State

Note: An out-of-state official living in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania or West Virginia may apply for an OHSAA Officiating permit. 
Step 1: Obtain an Officiating Application   [ APPLICATION ]
Step 2
Complete Concussion Training - Applicants must complete a course on concussion training, prior to officiating. You can get to the link by going to this address on the OHSAA website: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/default.htm. (revised 8/9)
Step 3: Mail application form and fee - Mail completed application form, photocopy of valid state officiating permit and required $60.00 application fee ($30 per additional sports) to Officiating Department, OHSAA, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, OH, 43214.  Applications will only be accepted from June 1st on.  Deadline to turn in these applications are: Fall sports - September 1; Winter sports - December 1; and Spring sports - March 1.   (revised 8/15/13)
Step 4: Receive officiating rule book packet in mail - You will receive your packet and permit card within 14 days after we receive the application. If you do not receive this material, contact the OHSAA officiating department at 614-267-2502, ext. 110 or [email protected]
Step 5: Attend Required Rules Meetings - All officials have annual meeting requirements. Most sports require four local meetings and one state rules meeting.  Check the link below for a listing of meetings. Local meeting credit can be given from other states as long as they fall in the time frame as Ohio's meetings.  Make sure you give your meeting slip to your Ohio secretary or forward them to the OHSAA officiating department. (revised 8/15/13)
Step 6: Annual Renewal of Officiating Permit - Renew your officiating permit annually in June.