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Inactive Officials Wanting to Return to Active Status

Inactive Officials Wanting to Return to Active Status

Step 1: Obtain an Officiating Application   [ APPLICATION ]
Step 2
Complete Concussion Training - Applicants must complete a course on concussion training and receive a permit number prior to officiating. 
Step 3: Mail application form and fee - Mail completed application form and required $60.00 application fee ($60 per sport) to OHSAA, L-4256, Columbus, OH, 43260-4256. Applications must be received by: 

    a. Fall sports: July 15
    b. Winter sports: October 15
    c. Spring sports: January 15

If you miss the application deadline, you will need to take a course in order to work in the current year. 

Step 4: Receive officiating rule book packet in mail - You will be mailed all study material, and the testing instructions at least two weeks prior to the testing opening up. If you do not receive this material, contact the OHSAA officiating department at [email protected]
Step 5: Prepare for and take officiating exam - Study the provided materials in preparation for the online test. You will take a rules test. You will be able to take the test twice. At the conclusion of the test you will receive your results.
Step 6: Receive Officiating Permit - Applicants with a passing score of 80% or higher will receive their officiating permit in their myOHSAA dashboard. Contact the OHSAA officiating department at [email protected]
Step 7: Attend Required Educational Sessions - All officials have annual educational requirements. Most sports require four educational sessions. A state rules meeting is also required after the year in which an individual initially becomes an official. Begin educational session attendance NOW!
Step 8: Annual Renewal of Officiating Permit - Renew your officiating permit annually in June.