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Past School Award Winners

OHSAA School Sportsmanship Program

The 2012-13 school year represented the third year that a newly revised, tiered Ohio High School Athletic Association School Sportsmanship Program will be in place. The first part of the program is the “Respect The Game Challenge.” Schools must complete a form that confirms they have emphasized sportsmanship, ethics and integrity within their school. The second part of the tiered system is the Harold A. Meyer Award. To win the award, schools must verify that they completed an eight-part sportsmanship, ethics and integrity program within their school community. The third and final segment of the tiered award system is the Commissioner’s Award for Exceptional Sportsmanship. From the entrees submitted for the Harold Meyer award, the Ohio State Sportsmanship Council will select the top 10 to 12 submissions. Then, members of the OHSAA administrative staff will narrow that number to a maximum of six schools, and they will be honored with the Commissioner’s Award for Exceptional Sportsmanship.

Commissioner's Award for Exceptional Sportsmanship

Cincinnati Nagel Middle School
West Carrollton High School

Respect The Game Challenge

Akron Archbishop Hoban High School
Cincinnati Indian Hill High School
Chagrin Falls Kenston High School
Loveland High School
Amherst Steele High School

Chagrin Falls Kenston High School
Cincinnati Oak Hills High School
Clayton Northmont High School
Creston Middle School
Johnstown-Monroe High School
Loveland High School
Norwood High School
Pataskala Licking Heights Central Middle School
Uniontown Lake High School
Waynesville High School