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Golden Megaphone - St. Vincent-St. Mary

- By Sports Information Intern Andrew Mann

The OHSAA staff visited the last of the five finalists of the Battle for the Golden Megaphone contest, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. The Fighting Irish faced off against North Canton Hoover High School in a well-played and exciting basketball game. The student section for STVM is located on the far end of LeBron James Arena behind the basket. Dressed in all green and gold, the students really showed up for a weeknight game to support their team. From crazy green and gold outfits, Irish flags, painted faces, and a leprechaun that leads it all, STVM students really showed why they are a Golden Megaphone finalist.

“The players on the court, whether it is basketball or any other sport, work hard all week after school to prepare for their games. So it really means a lot to the student-athletes on the floor that their fellow classmates appreciate what they’re doing and come to cheer them on”, said Andy Jalwan, Athletic Director of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

Two of the senior leaders of the student section this year are Chad Kanakkanatt and Joe Paolucci. “It really is a welcoming experience to come to the student-section at a football or basketball game here”, said Paolucci. “Cheering on our friends and family is why we come out to the games”.

“My favorite thing at a basketball game is the ‘Do It’ chant that we do in the second half of each game. It gets every grade involved and then brings us all together at the end, which gets everyone excited”, said Chad Kanakkanatt, the Leprechaun for the 2014-15 season.  When asked how he was awarded the job of being the Leprechuan, Chad responded, “It is a tradition that gets passed down from the seniors each year, and I guess they thought I had a lot of spirit so they picked me. The fact that I can do the warm while the other team is shooting free throws probably helped too.”

Throughout the entire night, the Fighting Irish student section was loud, excited and respectful. Cheering on their team in a positive manner while having a lot of fun is something all students at STVM seem to take to heart. The St. Vincent-St. Mary Fighting Irish rounded out our tour of the five finalists very well, and we look forward to compiling all the submissions and footage together to choose who the champion of the Battle for the Golden Megaphone contest will be.