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Uniform Regulations - Tennis

All team members must wear an appropriate school uniform or proper tennis attire, preferably in school colors. Proper tennis attire is defined as clothing specifically manufactured for tennis wear. Any lettering or pictures on clothing and/or headgear must pertain to the school name or emblem, the student’s name, or be patriotic in nature (e.g. the United States flag). No phrases, quotes or “slogans” shall be permitted. Manufacturer’s names or logos are permitted provided they do not exceed one and a half inches in height. Girls have the option of tennis dress or school uniform. “Doubles” team players shall wear like color tops. Any visible undergarments that extend below the uniform shorts, dress or skirt shall be the same color of the shorts, dress or skirt or represent school colors or, be all white or all black or all gray. This dress code shall be enforced by the home coach or tournament director. Any clothing deemed to be “reflective” or “distractive” in nature shall not be permitted. Failure to comply will result in a player being denied the right to participate.