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2024 7th and 8th Grade Track and Field State Championships

7th Annual 7th & 8th Grade Track and Field State Championships

WHEN: Saturday, May 11, 2024. Field events begin at 9 a.m. and running events will begin at 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: Hilliard Darby High School, 4200 Leppert Road, Hilliard, OH 43026
Final competitor lists, meet seeding, and heat sheets will be posted per the schedule below
  • The accepted entry list will be posted to MileSplit by noon on Wednesday, May 8.
  • Heat sheets will be posted to MileSplit on Thursday, May 9.

State Meet Information

  • The meet will host 11 running events and 5 field events
  • The 3 additional sponsored Seated events will be: 100M, 400M, Shot Put
  • An athlete may participate in a maximum of 3 total events (including relays).
  • All Running events will use a Timed Final (3 seeded heats).
  • Athletes with the Top 24 marks pulled from their participation in a OHSAA Qualifier Meet (including ties from the Top Performance List) will qualify for the State Championship. Final Top 50 list will be published Monday 6th at 9am
    • Should ties within the qualifying marks result in too many qualifiers to complete the competition in the allotted time, the field of qualifiers may be reduced.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  No more than TWO (2) individual athletes & ONE (1) relay team (per race) from the same school shall qualify for the state meet.  If a single school qualifies more than the number outlined, only the top 2 individual participants & single relay team (per race) will advance, and the next qualifying athlete/relay from a different school would be invited to enter the state meet.
  • If a Top 24 qualifier cannot attend, the next athlete/relay on the performance list will be invited until at least 24 qualifiers are confirmed.
  • The participation entry fee for the State Championship is $20.00 per athlete-per event.
    • The OHSAA will invoice schools after the meet.

Meet Requirements to qualify athletes’ marks for the Top Performance List

*** The below information outlines the NEW qualifying procedure for entry into the 7th & 8th Grade Track & Field State Championships***
  • The OHSAA will select a number of middle school track meets from across Ohio to serve as “OHSAA Qualifying Meets”. 
    • Any meet or invitational wishing to be considered as a “OHSAA Qualifying Meet” must adhere to a set list of minimum standards to ensure fair competition & accurate officiating for each athletes.  The Meet Hosting Requirements & Application for consideration to serve as a “OHSAA Qualifying Meet” can be found here:
  • All selected Qualifying Meets will have the capability to allow at minimum 12 schools to enter (both genders), with a maximum of two entries per event per school (24 entries per event).
    • No school could or will be denied entry at these selected meets.  The meet manager must work with OHSAA Sport Administrators to accommodate individual entries/relay entries/full teams when the need arises.
      • EXECPTION: Any Conference, League, or County Meet that would not have 12 schools within their league, but would meet the other qualifier requirements, could still be selected & serve as a “OHSAA Qualifier Meet”.
  • These Qualifying Meets would be geographically dispersed around the state. 
  • Schools would be permitted to enter as many of these Qualifying Meets as they wish, noting the following:
    • Participation in these meets do count towards you 12-meet maximum. 
  • If the school sends a single participant/relay to a meet, the team must count their participation towards their 12-meet maximum for their team for the season.
  • Meet Requirements to qualify athletes’ marks for the Top Performance List
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Only students who are eligible to participate for an OHSAA member school, in accordance with Bylaw 4, Student Eligibility, are permitted to qualify for entry into this OHSAA sponsored event.

Important Dates & Qualifier Information

Given that each of these Qualifying Meets will be using MileSplit for their meet registration, it has eliminated the need for coaches to contact meet management to ensure if the correctly formatted or accurate results have been submitted for tabulation into the Top Performance List used to determine State Meet qualification.
This process also means that the registration process of those Top 24 qualifiers into the State Meet is much more streamlined.  Please see the following process:
  • Qualifying Meet dates: March 23 - May 4
    • Results from OHSAA Qualifier Meets held from Saturday, March 23 – Saturday, May 4, will be used to determine the field of qualifiers for each event at the State Championship.
    • The final date to participate in a qualifying meet is Saturday, May 4.  If a meet held on Saturday May 4 cannot be completed till Sunday May 5th due to “weather delays”, these results would be permitted, so long as the meet is completed by 10:00 PM on Sunday May 5​
  • Weekly Tabulation posting:  Tuesdays (April 2, 9, 16, 23)
    • Each week, the top 50 athletes/relays results collected from the previous weeks OHSAA Qualifying Meets will be tabulated and shared on pages hosted on the OHSAA site & Ohio MileSplit.
    • Only results recorded during the “FINALS” of these Qualifying Meets would be counted towards the Top 50 weekly performance list.
  • Final Qualifier tabulation: Sunday May 5
    • Once the Final Qualifier tabulations are complete, those athletes/relays who qualified would be contacted to verify their acceptance into the meet. If they are not able to attend, then the next up will be offered a spot…
  • Qualifier acceptance period: Monday May 6 – Wednesday May 8
    • The final top 50 performance list will be released at 9:00am on Monday, May 6 on MileSplit, it will also be posted on this site later that morning.
    • Registration for the meet will open at 9:45am Monday, May 6th and close at 7:00am, Wednesday May 8
    • Coaches of any athletes listed in the Top 50 rankings list  must register their athletes for the meet using the “Register Online Now” button at this link: https://oh.milesplit.com/meets/568328-ohsaa-middle-school-state-track-and-field-championship-2024).   
    • The meet will ONLY accept entries that tie directly to a performance on the final top 50 list that is based on the list of approved qualifying meets. 
    • Registration will close at 7am on May 8th and no further entries will be accepted after this time.   
    • Only the top 24 athletes registered (plus unbreakable ties) in the meet before the registration deadline will be accepted.  If your athlete is in the top 50 and you want to participate, please make sure you register. The top 24 who register, plus ties, will be taken. 
    • The accepted entry list will be made public by noon on May 8th.
    • The meet will be seeded on May 8th and heat sheets will be made public on May 9.
  • Final list of the State Meet qualifiers:  Wednesday May 8 at noon
  • Heat Sheets: Posted on MileSplit and this webpage on Thursday by noon
  • State meet: Saturday May 11

Ohio MileSplit FAQ's

All athletes & teams must be registered on MileSplit to register for these Qualifying Meets.  Coaches MUST create a FREE ACCOUNT on Ohio MileSplit:
Coaches should review their roster to confirm that all names and grades are correct for their athletes.
Coaches should verify their athlete’s final placement on the Top Performance List after 7:00 AM on Monday, May 6th and contact Ohio MileSplit to report errors or duplicate names.
The Top Performance List is hosted on the OHSAA & Ohio MileSplit page, with updated links posted on both sites WEEKLY (weekly dates TBA)
Qualifying marks for both RUNNING and FIELD events will ONLY be tabulated from final results tallied from the participation in a OHSAA Qualifier Meet held between March 23 – Saturday, May 4.  No Exceptions!
PLEASE NOTE:  Students who attend non-member schools are permitted to enter these OHSAA qualifier meets (at the discretion of meet management).  However, only students who attend an OHSAA Member school would be permitted to participate in the OHSAA 7th & 8th Grade Track & Field State Championships. 
Report errors in the final performance list to Ohio MileSplit IMMEDIATELY by emailing:
The tournament committee reserves the right to make adjustments to the final qualifying list as necessary.