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Lower.com Field and Crew Proud to Host State Finals

November 10, 2022

Lower.com Field and Crew Proud to Host State Finals


November 10, 2022


Whether it is their fans celebrating the Major League Soccer title – as Columbus Crew fans did in 2020 in the last game of MAPFRE Stadium, or Ohio High School Athletic Association soccer teams celebrating a state title at their new home – Lower.com field – the Crew is happy to be a part of the party.

“There is something unique about OHSAA soccer,” said Michele Powell, Vice President of the Crew. “To watch the student athletes come into the stadium and their excitement is just fun. “

The OHSAA state finals return to the 20,000-seat state-of-the-art facility Nov. 11 and 12 for all six boys and girls state title games. The playing surface has real grass that stays green all year with heated soil to keep it healthy. Lower.com Field has a partial roof that shields spectators in the event of bad weather.

“This is a once in a lifetime experience for these players and their families and they are giving it their all. Inevitably at least one or two or more of the games will go into overtime which just makes the event more exciting,” said Powell.” To be able to crown a champion multiple times is special for us as is seeing the next generation of great soccer players take the field in a world-class facility.”

“We are extremely excited about going back to Lower.com stadium and appreciate the commitment from the ownership of the Crew to get our student athletes in the best soccer facility in the country,” OHSAA Executive Director Doug Ute said. “We at the OHSAA take pride in the fact that our student athletes get the experience of a professional venue at the state tournament level, one that they very much deserve for their hard work throughout the year.”

The partnership with the OHSAA is just one of many that the Crew has in the state with the continued growth of the sport.

“Haslam Sports Group and the Crew continuously support youth soccer as well as a commitment to education,” Powell said. “These are major parts of our core culture and focus so it is great to host an event that aligns with things we focus on daily.”

In addition to supporting youth athletics, Crew owner Jimmy Haslam and the Haslam Sports Group is highly involved in promoting athletics and academics working together to build a strong future for all youth.

“As a Club, we are committed to championing soccer in our community and growing the game.’ Powell said. “We are privileged to host a tournament that is a staple of Ohio high school sports here at Lower.com Field.”


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