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OHSAA Announces Reorganization of Several Sport Administration Responsibilities

September 12, 2016
News Release – Ohio High School Athletic Association
Commissioner Daniel B. Ross, Ph.D.
Interim Commissioner Dave Gray
For Immediate Release – Sept. 12, 2016
Contact – Tim Stried, Director of Communications, [email protected]
OHSAA Announces Reorganization of Several Sport Administration Responsibilities
Sport administrators and program staff duties outlined and clarified
COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association has revamped several sport administration responsibilities to better utilize staff and areas of expertise, OHSAA interim commissioner Dave Gray has announced.
The announcement comes after months of internal meetings that identified potential changes among administrators, while also clarifying duties for the OHSAA staff who assist those administrators in the day-to-day facilitation of those sports and tournament.
With the addition of lacrosse, the OHSAA now has more sanctioned sports (26) than full-time staff members (24). Those staff members serve 821 high schools and 895 7th-8th grade schools.
“We strongly believe that these changes will not only help our internal work flow and efficiency, but also better serve our member schools, too,” Gray said. “We have identified several ways in which our administrative staff can be better utilized in their areas of expertise, while also better defining the overall staff duties to meet the needs of our member schools, tournament managers and many others.”
The changes are mainly in the “team” sports, as Assistant Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass will take over four more sports, including field hockey, volleyball, ice hockey and lacrosse. He will also remain the administrator for soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. Of note, the OHSAA defines team sports as those in which teams advance on a bracket, while “individual” sports as those in which student-athletes can advance in the tournament regardless of his/her team’s placement.
Assistant Commissioner Beau Rugg will continue as the sport administrator for football and wrestling, while also overseeing the state’s officiating program that includes nearly 15,000 licensed officials.
Ohio High School Athletic Association – Sport Responsibilities
“Individual” Sports               Administrator                                 Program Coordinator
Bowling                                    Roxanne Price                                   Andrea Heiberger
Cross Country                         Dale Gabor                                         Jacki Windon
Golf                                           Jerry Snodgrass                                 Lauren Prochaska
Gymnastics                             Debbie Moore                                   Kristin Ronai
Swimming & Diving               Debbie Moore                                   Ben Ferree
Tennis                                      Roxanne Price                                   Andrea Heiberger
Track & Field                           Dale Gabor                                         Jacki Windon
Wrestling                                 Beau Rugg                                         Angie Lawler, Tyler Brooks and Ben Ferree
“Team” Sports                      Administrator                                 Program Coordinator (most brackets coordinated by Brenda Murray)
Baseball                                  Jerry Snodgrass                               Emily Gates
Basketball                              Jerry Snodgrass                               Emily Gates (boys) and Lauren Prochaska (girls)
Field Hockey                          Jerry Snodgrass                               Jenn Close
Football                                 Beau Rugg                                        Angie Lawler, Tyler Brooks and Ben Ferree
Ice Hockey                             Jerry Snodgrass                               Emily Gates
Lacrosse                                Jerry Snodgrass                                Jenn Close
Soccer                                    Jerry Snodgrass                                Lauren Prochaska
Softball                                  Jerry Snodgrass                                Lauren Prochaska
Volleyball                              Jerry Snodgrass                                Emily Gates
Wrestling (dual team)         Beau Rugg                                        Angie Lawler, Tyler Brooks and Ben Ferree
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