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The OHSAA has announced modifications to General Sports Regulation 7.10, Individual Skill/Coaching Instruction

September 27, 2022


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September 26, 2022  


TO:   Member School Athletic Administrators 

FR:   Doug Ute, OHSAA Executive Director 


During a special meeting held virtually on September 21, 2022, the OHSAA Board of Directors unanimously approved a recommendation from the Executive Director’s Office to make modifications to General Sports Regulation 7.10, Individual Skill/Coaching Instruction. The modifications do not change the number of students in the team sports of baseball (6 students), basketball (3), field hockey (6), ice hockey (5), boys lacrosse (6), girls lacrosse (6), soccer (6), softball (6) and volleyball (3) that are permitted to work together in specific groups in individual skill/coaching instruction with a coach and/or a group of coaches at the same time. 


However, the modifications expand the number of groups of students (but do NOT expand the number of students in each specific group) that can work together and receive this instruction at the same time in the same facility so long as:  

a.) The number of students working together in each specific group remains the same as outlined above  

      (example: a group of basketball students working together in a specific group cannot exceed three);  

b.) The students in their specific groups remain in their specific groups during the entire instruction 

      session*, and  

c.) The students in their specific groups do not engage in team play against each other OR students in any of the other  

      specific groups. 

      * Indicates that the specific groups can rotate together to different coaches at the facility in which 

         the instruction is being provided, but there should never be more than three students working  

         together with any one coach and/or a group of coaches. 


The modifications become effective immediately. OHSAA sport administrators will develop specific questions and answers for their particular sports and share them with athletic administrators and coaches. 


The OHSAA General Sports Regulations will be updated soon to reflect this change and will be able to be accessed at: https://ohsaaweb.blob.core.windows.net/files/Sports/GeneralSportsRegulations.pdf 

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