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State Tournament Programs

Souvenir tournament programs are sold at each state tournament venue. In addition, state tournament programs are available for purchase from the OHSAA office after each state tournament. Tournament programs from past years may also be available. Contact Molly Downard at mdownard@ohsaa.org for availability.

Please check pricing information below. All prices include shipping and handling. Make checks or money orders payable to OHSAA. Send your payment to: OHSAA, Attn: Molly Downard, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, OH 43214. Please include an email address or phone number in the event there are questions with your order.
$4 - Girls Tennis, Golf, Field Hockey, Boys Tennis, Team Wrestling, Gymnastics
$4 - Regional Football semifinals, Regional Football finals, Regional Girls Basketball, Regional Boys Basketball (please indicate division in request)
$5 - Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Swimming & Diving, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse
$6 - Football State Semifinals (Please indicate division in request), Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Individual Wrestling, Track & Field
$7 - Football Finals
$20 - Set of all seven regional football semifinal divisional programs
$20 - Set of all seven regional football final divisional programs
$25 - Set of all seven Football State Semifinal divisional programs

2020 Fall State Tournament Programs

Golf - Boys & Girls Div. I
Golf - Girls Div. II, Boys Div. II & III
Girls Tennis



 2019-20 Winter State Tournament Programs



Dual Team Wrestling
Swimming & Diving

Division II Bowling
Ice Hockey

Division I Bowling
Individual Wrestling
Girls Basketball - Regionals
Boys Basketball - Regionals
Girls Basketball - State Tournament
Boys Basketball - State Tournament

2019 Fall State Tournament Programs

Golf - Girls Div. II, Boys Div. II & III
Golf - Boys & Girls Div. I
Girls Tennis
Field Hockey
Cross Country
Boys & Girls Soccer
Football - Regional Semifinals
Football - Regional Finals
Football - State Semifinals
Football - State Championships

2019 Spring State Tournament Programs

Boys Tennis
Track & Field

Boys & Girls Lacrosse