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Bowling - Girls Playing on Boys Teams

Girls Playing on Boys Teams

No girl can bowl during the season on both a boys and girls team. Thus, if a girl started bowling with the girl’s team, she remains a permanent member of that team. Any girl who bowls with the boys’ team because there is no girl’s school team on which she can bowl, provided it is four or fewer girls, may bowl in the girl’s sectional tournament provided the school indicates that girls bowling is an interscholastic sport (approved by the Board of Education or similar governing body for a non-public school). The reason they can enter sectionals as individual girls is because they simply did not have enough girls to field a full team and the school had no girls bowling schedule for the season.

You can bowl during the regular season on but one school team, and boys and girls teams are separate teams. There are no co-ed bowling teams. Any team with a boy participating is considered a boys team. Any girl, who chooses to bowl for a boy’s team when the school also sponsors a girl’s team that bowls during the season, remains a permanent member of the boy’s team during the season and the OHSAA tournament. This girl may not bowl in the girl’s tournament because she made a choice to be a member of the boys team that season...all season, including the tournament.


Roxanne Price
Senior Director of Compliance/Bowling Administrator, OHSAA